Armageddon on wheels a fun experience

miriam miljour

Hi my name is Miriam, I am 9 years old and I went to my first monster truck race. It was a few weeks ago and it was called Armageddon. It was in Escanaba at the state fairgrounds. I went because it was my dad’s birthday and because my mom was really excited to go see the monster trucks. My whole family went including my two brothers, my mom and my dad. There were lots of people there and we sat on bleachers. We had a good view because we were kind of high up and we could see really, really well.

It was a big mud track. There was a guy who would wave a flag and he was on a four-wheeler. The trucks were lined up so that there was a truck facing left and a truck facing right. He waved the flag and the trucks would both go as fast as they could around the track. There were big loose tires on the track so they would crash into them. There were big hills that they would jump. Sometimes the trucks would start steaming, or they would flip over and sometimes the trucks would slow down because they were leaking gas. They could start on fire! But, they did not at this one. Sometimes they keep going even if they have a flat tire. The first one to get to the finish line first is the winner.

There were also motorcycles and they had a jump. There was a truck pulling a trailer and the motorcyclists would drive up a wood ramp and there was a mat on top of it that went down so they could ride down it. During their jumps they did really cool tricks like standing on handle bars and flipping over on the bike. There was an 8-year-old motorcyclist too and they had a mini-ramp for him. It was tiny, and he would go over it and pop a wheelie.

We have to talk about the buses! There were lots of different buses. Some of them were sponsored. There was one cool one. It had a Cheshire cat face and it was pink and purple. At the end of the whole thing there was a big, big race where all the losers, like 20 of them, all went out and there was literally no room for anyone to move. One of the buses actually got stuck and it kept trying to move. A couple of the buses rammed into each other. One bus was called, “The Farmageddon.” That bus lost its tire and it still kept going.

There was a mom and daughter race. The mom’s car was purple and the daughter’s car was blue and red. They raced and the daughter hit the mom’s car and the mom’s car flipped over. They sent out a fire truck and an ambulance. Everybody was OK.

I recommend going next year. I had a great time. I want to drive one of the motorcycles when I am older and yes mom I will wear a helmet

EDITOR’S NOTE: Miriam Miljour is in the fourth grade and likes to volunteer at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum.


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