It’s all about the beat

mahogany harris, 9

Hi! My name is Mahogany and I am in fourth grade and go to Sandy Knoll Elementary. I’m 9 ½ and I will be 10 on Sept. 10. It will be my golden B-DAY (kids like me never say birthday). Music will always be in my blood. I was about 4 years old when my mom turned on the radio in the car and she started singing, “Ooooooooooooooooo.” She sang along to the whole song. I just started singing along with her and it was fun, dude.

When I was 7 I was talking to my Nana on the phone and I started singing to her and ever since that day I’ve always been singing. When I was 8 years old she told me that singing has always been in my family and she told me I’m the best singer in the family.

My other Grandma was also really good at singing. She would sing me to sleep when I was little, and when she was older she stopped singing so I would always sing to her to make her happy. After she died I started singing a lot more. The song “Chandelier” by Sia reminds me of her because whenever you shine a light onto a diamond chandelier … she would shine like that. I was very sad, so I sang the whole song while crying.

The first time I heard the song “Dark Horse,” by Katy Perry it inspired me to chase my dreams and if anyone got in my way, they better choose to get out of my way. When she sings, “You better choose carefully,” that really spoke to me. I hope Katy Perry sees this. I think her voice is really good and I think that we should try and do a duet together. Her music was the first that I ever heard that wasn’t a gospel song.

I also like the group Twenty One Pilots because their songs show emotion. Their song “Ride” makes me feel mysterious and dark. I haven’t seen the music video, but I think they should have filmed it on a rollercoaster if they didn’t.

I like Demi Lovato and her song “Sorry, not sorry,” because if I do something and I’m really not sorry all I have to say is, “Sorry, not sorry.” I like how she does other songs like “Irresistible,” with Fall Out Boy. I like her voice because she can sing. Most people that I know think they can sing, but they can’t. She actually can.

Fall Out Boy is a band I like and I like their song “Centuries,” because I would like people to know me for centuries. I like rock music. I like to turn their songs up really loud while I’m in the shower and sing and I sound just like em!

I like Sabrina Carpenter. She’s on the show, “Girl Meets World,” and she’s kind of like me because she likes to sneak into her friend’s house. I don’t do that, but I’d try. I like her songs, “Smoke and Fire,” and “Thumbs.” You should listen to her because what she sings is really fun.

So turn up the music to a station you don’t know about and see how you like it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mahogany Harris is 9 years old and in the fourth grade at Sandy Knoll Elementary School. Mahogany loves music and singing.


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