Marshmallow Marquette

Youngsters create structures in library activity

Travis and Kaylin Link, ages 9 and 7, respectively, make a Marquette structure using edible items such as sugar cubes and marshmallows Thursday at the Peter White Public Library. The Links are from Marquette. (Journal photo by Christie Bleck)

MARQUETTE — Did you ever wonder what the Superior Dome would look like if it were made out of sugar cubes?

Youngsters had the chance to find out Thursday afternoon at the Peter White Public Library.

Mary Harma, PWPL Youth Services librarian assistant, led an activity in which participants could create their miniature versions of significant structures in the city of Marquette out of sugar cubes, small marshmallows, toothpicks and glue.

Harma put up photos of places such as the Marquette County Courthouse, Marquette Regional History Center, St. Peter Cathedral, the Marquette Lighthouse, Dandelion Cottage and others so the kids would have something to emulate.

“Hopefully they’ll put together some form of structure, figure out how to use their toothpicks and marshmallows or sugar cubes and glue to make a structure,” Harma said.

The purpose of the activity, she noted, was to use their engineering skills — deciding what can hold up and what to try to copy, such as a challenging dome.

Of course, the youngsters needed a little guidance with their crafts, along with identification of some of the buildings.

One of the photos was of a small yellow house.

“This is Dandelion Cottage, and we have a book at the library called ‘Dandelion Cottage’ you can check out,” Harma said. “We have a room at the library named after it as well called the Dandelion Cottage Room.”

Another picture was of a structure probably more familiar to them: the Superior Dome.

“What’s a dome made out of?” Harma asked the kids.

One boy was quick to respond.

“Ours is wood,” said Travis Link, 9, of Marquette.

Harma also had to provide a few crafting tips, such as biting a marshmallow in half to get a sticky side to make it easier to adhere to a mat.

However, what the kids did with their structures once they got home, she said, was up to them — and their parents.

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