Summer fun at Camp Hiawatha

Ben rayhorn, 9

I have been a Cub Scout since second grade. Soon I will be a Boy Scout. This summer I went to Cub Scout camp. It was really fun. We went to Camp Hiawatha. Cub Scout packs from all over the state went to camp and there was even one pack from Wisconsin.

We had a bunch of activity stations we went to. My favorite was the archery station, where we shot at a target. I hit the target five times. My second favorite station was swimming. There were two different tests you could take: the beginner test and the swimmer test. I completed the swimmer’s test. We also got to free swim. My third favorite station was a BB gun station. We got to shoot the bullets at a target. I hit the target three times. I got to play shotgun shell checkers, which was also at the BB gun station.

We stayed at camp for three nights. We slept in tents and I helped my grandpa set up our tent. I slept in a sleeping bag on the first night and I was really cold, but the next two nights I stayed pretty warm. We ate at the mess hall for dinner and on the first night, we had spaghetti, green beans, cookies and fruit punch. On the second day, we had meat-mac and cheese, dirt cakes and lemonade. On the third night, we had tacos, pudgie pies and water.

One of my favorite things at camp was playing a sport called ga-ga ball. You would play in a pit with usually 20 other people. You would smack the ball with your hand or fist and try to hit the ball at someone below their waist. You could only hit the ball once until somebody else hit the ball. If you got hit below the waist or if somebody caught the ball that you hit, you were out. When there are two people left, you can hit the ball up to three times in a row. Last man standing wins.

We also went to a Webelos 2 activity. Webelos 2’s are the highest rank in Cub Scouts. At the Webelos 2 activity, we played blob tag and played with a parachute thing. We also made a peach and apple cobbler. We performed a camp skit and a song. We also played capture the flag.

There was a trading post where you could buy a bunch of cool stuff. I got a slushy and a new pocketknife. I also got to do a bit of whittling with my new pocketknife. A lot of my friends went to Cub Scout camp. The week I went to camp only fourth- and fifth-graders went. First-, second- and third-graders went to camp at different times. I went to camp with my grandpa. I liked going to camp. I would recommend going to camp. Next year I am going to Boy Scout camp, which I am really looking forward to. At Boy Scout camp we stay a whole week. Boy Scout camp is going to be really fun.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ben Rayhorn, 10, is a fifth-grade student at Graveraet Elementary School. He is passionate about sports and hopes to play in the NFL when he grows up. His favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks.