Lakeview hosts Art Walk, Book Fair and Ice Cream Social

You gotta have art ... books and ice cream, too

Checking out the 3-D pieces of art on display Tuesday in Lakeview Elementary School’s art room are, from the left, Harper Kumpula, a third-grade student, Adeliade Chaudier, age 3 1/2, Graisen Chaudier, who’s in first grade, Emmeline Chaudier, a fourth grader, and Alissa Chaudier. They were some of many people visiting the school for the Art Walk, Book Fair and Ice Cream Social evening. (Journal photo by Renee Prusi)

NEGAUNEE — Each and every student at Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee had at least one piece of art on display during the school’s annual Ice Cream Social, Book Fair and Art Walk Tuesday.

“There are nearly 1,000 pieces of art on display from our 630 students,” said Linnea Gustafson, Lakeview art teacher. “It’s a wide variety of art. There is a description posted by each class’s display and each did something different.”

During the Art Walk, Gustafson was stationed in the art room, where the 3D artwork was on display.

“The 3D art is anything you can’t hang on the wall,” she said as she greeted students and their families who strolled into the art room. “It’s nice to be able to share this evening with the book fair and the ice cream social. And it’s awesome that each student has something to show their families.”

Diane Faust, the SHINE, or School Helpers Investing in Negaunee Education, volunteer coordinator for the school — which is for junior kindergarten through fourth grade — said the combining of the three events makes for a family-friendly evening.

“The ice cream social has been going on here for 25 years, at least,” Faust said. “But having the art walk and the book fair on the same evening gives families a lot to see and do.”

The book fair was in the school’s library and the ice cream social was in the cafeteria, with the Lakeview Parent-Teacher Partnership putting the evening together.

“With the book fair, the money goes toward buying new books for our library,” Faust said.

Screening for next school year’s pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students recently took place, Faust said.

“So we invited all the incoming junior K and kindergarten students to come to enjoy the social,” she said. “It’s a fun way to give these youngsters a chance to visit the school. It’s a fun night.”

The Chaudiers were among the hundreds of families at Lakeview for Tuesday’s event. Parents Kurt and Alissa brought daughter Emmeline, who’s in fourth grade, son Graisen, a first-grader, friend Harper Kumpula, who’s in third grade, and future Lakeview student, the Chaudiers’ younger daughter Adeliade, who is 3¢.

The family walked the halls in Lakeview, first stopping to look at Graisen’s work which was a self portrait, then Harper’s “Wow” painting, then Emmeline’s sunset depiction. Then they would stop at the library and in the cafeteria for the other events of the evening.

“This is really nice,” Alissa Chaudier said as she looked at the art all around her.

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