Local musician entrenched in Upper Peninsula

Jimmy Slivensky, of Marquette, is working on a new CD, “Jimmy Slivensky Rock N’ Roll,” at Northstar Studio in Negaunee. Slivensky has a long list of CDs he’s made, including 2020’s “Space Junk.” (Photo courtesy of Jimmy Slivensky)

MARQUETTE — Jimmy Slivensky, a local singer-songwriter-guitarist-studio rock musician, has played throughout the Midwest and East, but is back home in Marquette, making more music, including a recent CD titled “Space Junk.”

Slivensky described his music as “uptempo, guitar rock.”

Although he’s played that music out of the area, he acknowledged it’s good to be back in the Upper Peninsula.

“I’m a recording artist and have been doing it for a number of years,” he said. “(I) moved back to the area recently, just to get out of the rat race pretty much.”

Slivensky was born and raised in Crystal Falls and graduated from Forest Park High School where he competed in football, basketball, baseball, softball, track and band. He attended Northern Michigan University where he earned a teaching degree in physical education and coaching.

After leaving NMU, Slivensky joined a rock ‘n’ roll band and played

all over the U.P. and northern Wisconsin. He moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin, playing shows there and other parts of the state.

Slivensky then moved to Minneapolis and attended Music Tech College where he earned a degree in guitar performance and songwriting, and became based in that city, playing all over the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

After moving to New Jersey, Slivensky became a regular in the New York City night club scene, playing his brand of rock music up and down the East Coast until he moved back to Marquette where he now lives.

Slivensky has written, recorded and released 12 CDs of his own original

music over the years and continues to put out his brand of original rock ‘n’ roll. In fact, he has his own label, Ski Jump Records.

This is his catalog:

2020 – Jimmy Slivensky “Space Junk”

2013 – Jimmy Slivensky “Secr3t 4mula”

2009 – Jimmy’s Targeteers “Mustache Men”

2005 – Jimmy’s Targeteers “Empty Holster”

2002 – Jimmy’s Jackboot “Life In The Trenches”

2001 – Jimmy’s Speedrench “Gunshy”

2000 – Jimmy’s Speedrench “Dropkick”

1998 – Jimmy’s Speedrench “Mission Impossible”

1996 – Jimmy’s Hibbards – “Gray Matter”

1994 – Jimmy’s Hibbards – “Goin’ To Frisco”

1993 – Jimmy’s Hibbards – “Live Your Life”

1990 – Jimmy’s Plowboys – “The Plow”

Slivensky’s CD release, “Space Junk,” currently is getting what he called “decent airplay” in Europe and across the United States.

People can listen to his music at www.soundcloud.com/jimmy-slivensky.

To purchase a CD, individuals may send a $10 check or money order, postage paid, to him at 1532 W. Ridge St., No. 43, Marquette, MI 49855.

“Space Junk” contains the song “Lake Superior Man,” which includes the lyrics, “I’m a Lake Superior man, giving it all that I can.”

Slivensky said his music doesn’t have a special theme.

“That particular single was just about living up here in the U.P. area, and that’s the one that’s getting the most traction over in Europe and the U.S. right now,” he said.

The “Space Junk” CD was recorded at Jerry Kippola’s Northstar Studio in Negaunee with Slivensky and local musicians: Kippola on guitar and steel guitar and acting as producer and engineer, Aaron Kippola on drums and saxophone, and David Ziegner on bass.

Slivensky now is working on a new CD, “Jimmy Slivensky Rock N’ Roll,” at Northstar Studio.

The COVID-19 pandemic had put a halt on his live shows, so he took the time off to concentrate on songwriting and recording projects. He does, however, plan to return to live music at some point.

Whatever form it takes, music is his main gig.

“I’ve been playing rock ‘n’ roll music for a number of years now, fulll time, so this is all I do,” Slivensky said.


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