Robert Reynolds’ new novel out now

(Courtesy photo)

MARQUETTE — Robert Reynolds’ latest Michigan mystery takes readers to picturesque Mackinac Island, the gem of the Great Lakes.

The story: Two hundred years before, a fortune disappeared when American colonial forces recaptured Mackinac Island from British occupiers. Now, a trio of misfits shares a rundown dwelling on the nearby mainland. With the arrival of summer tourist season, scores of visitors flock to the quaint little island of Victorian era homes and horse drawn carriages. In the background, the massive concrete towers of Mighty Mac loom against clear skies as vacationers make the island ferry crossing. Devious Josie invites companions Wayland and Diggs to visit the island to view holiday fireworks. During a leisurely trek across the island’s interior while waiting for her to get off work, Josie’s companions happen upon a life-altering discovery. Friendship rapidly declines into primal instincts, greed and violence. Double crosses abound, sinking readers to unforeseen depths in this thrilling island mystery.

If you liked Reynolds’ Michigan novels “Thunder Bay” and “Gray Wolf Pass,” you’ll love “Mackinac Drift.” Available now in paperback and EBook: Lulu.com, amazon.com, barnes&noble.com, books-a-million.com, and more.