Vinyl record show to be held this week

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MARQUETTE — From ABBA to Zappa and everything in-between, the favored vinyl record show at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. is back with something for everybody.

Whether you have an ear for jazz or classical music — or rock or funk — thousands of records from various genres will be available Wednesday through Saturday at the brewery’s community space.

An eclectic mix of popular culture artifacts, including T-shirts, CDs, cassette tapes, 45s, comic books, art books, posters, stereo equipment and the more will also be available.

Vinyl shows at the Ore Dock are held about four to five times per year, with this particular event being the 19th multi-day show. The events are co-hosted by lifelong friends, Geoff Walker and Jon Teichman — both of whom have shared a passion for music since childhood.

Walker, a Marquette native who now resides in the Lower Peninsula, started buying records as soon as he had money.

Thousands of records, CDs, T-shirts, books and more will be available at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. from Wednesday through Saturday during a record show. (Courtesy photo)

“I walked from the corner of Front and Magnetic to Shopko to buy a Led Zeppelin record from the budget bin once I’d saved enough allowance money when I was in fourth or fifth grade,” he said in an email.

“I wasn’t satisfied listening to what was on the radio in the late 70s and early 80s, and wanted to know what every record in every record shop in Marquette sounded like. So I would check out as many as I could — and while Peter White (Public Library) had records back then, I didn’t know it, so to ‘check them out’ I had to buy them!”

Teichman has also been interested in vinyl records since he was young.

“However my radio show at Bowling Green State University and the Bill Schurk sound archives expanded my music appreciation,” he said in an email. “My entry into record show culture can be credited to Ed Johnson of Newberry — he’s held shows across Michigan for over 30 years.”

Walker made his first record-show purchase from Johnson in 1984.

Thousands of records, CDs, T-shirts, books and more will be available at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. from Wednesday through Saturday during a record show. (Courtesy photo)

“It was an LP by Ultimate Spinach, bought at the ‘grummage’ sale at Lakeview arena,” he said.

To prepare for the Ore Dock vinyl shows, Teichman helps with the “local logistics,” including creating and placing flyers throughout the Upper Peninsula, handling media interviews and more. Walker works alongside Ore Dock staff to arrange the events.

“These events could not have grown to the level they have without Jon’s commitment to appearing on TV and radio to talk about them, as well as putting up flyers everywhere,” Walker said. “We work with Ore Dock to design the flyers. It really is a community effort.”

Walked said the first Ore Dock record sale was held in March 2013. This week, vinyl enthusiasts will be able to browse through a very large collection.

“We have thousands and thousands of records,” Walker said. “I bought several hundred in the last week just to bring with me to this event. There’s always new stuff to see at every show. I also have a whole bunch of cool (two for $1) stickers this time. That’s a new feature. Great for bikes, skateboards, laptops, guitar cases, etcetera.”

Although people can purchase music to take home with them, they’ll also get the chance to enjoy it live.

On Wednesday, Beatrix, The Thirties and The Godeaters will perform during a 18 and up show. There will be a $5 cover charge, but those solely interested in browsing the vast collection of vinyl, CDs, and more, won’t have to pay the charge.

On Thursday, Kurt Hauswirth and Chad McKinney are holding a CD release show at 7 p.m. for their new original music and also playing live, which will be followed by a 80s vinyl dance party for Ladies Night starting at 8:30 p.m.

Anyone who attends the four-day event can expect to find a judgment- free zone, Walker said.

“We are not the snarky guys you see in movies like ‘High Fidelity,'” he said. “We know how important music is to people, because it’s super important to us. We are happy to say that we have made a ton of new friends that we get to see time and time again — women and men of all ages.”

Teichman said he’s lucky to be able to “help throw a party that everyone is excited about attending and is invited to.”

“Because we’re open for 50+ hours, there’s plenty of time to just talk, browse, laugh and get to know one another all against the backdrop of art, music and culture of the last 100 years. We’re especially fortunate to have the great support of the entire Ore Dock staff who help to make every event the best show ever.”

Far from politics and problems, Walker said a record show is a great place to relax the mind.

“We really have made so many great friends. We get to know them and their kids and watch young people grow and see their musical tastes evolve,” he said. “We get to help people learn about music, new and old, that’s new to them. Music is a window into different times and cultures. It offers us the opportunity to travel through space and time with our ears, and helping people find where they want to go on their musical journey is a true pleasure.”

As the events grow, people travel from further and further away to attend.

“Because the U.P. is someplace special, we see people from even further afield — we have had people at the shows from as far away as Italy and Panama,” Walker said.

Teichman added: “Once they come to the vinyl record show, they’re also going to exploring and enjoying everything that Marquette County has to offer.”

Teichman, who works at Northern Michigan University, is also responsible for organizing and coordinating NMU’s three vinyl shows that take place in the fall, winter and spring. The next event will be held late January at NMU’s Whitman Hall. Walker said he’ll attend the spring and fall events.

“They are one day, from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., and feature many more vendors from around the U.P., and a couple guys from the Lower Peninsula. The next one will be in January. But the Ore Dock shows are always at Ore Dock,” Walker said.

But that’s not all — Teichman also just started co-hosting a vinyl night at Marquette Mountain’s Carp River Saloon every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

“People are invited to stop by, browse the records and have their selections played live,” Teichman said.

The Ore Dock record show will be held from 5 p.m. to close Wednesday and noon to close Thursday through Saturday. Food trucks will be on hand through the week.

For more information or a sneak peak at what records will be available at the show, visit the event’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/events/487525781764255/

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