Tips to help you work from home and remain focused

Corinna Peterson, GINCC

Personally, I love working from home. I enjoy it but I know some people hate it and are counting down the days until they can get back to their standing desks. Some people love the social aspect of the office, chatting in the break room, and coming home after a long day of work.

Some people (like me) would prefer to work make-up free from the comfort of our couches, while our dogs try to walk on our keyboards every half hour. I know it can be hard to stay motivated when dirty dishes are calling your name across the room.

Here’s some tips to stay motivated while you work from home for the next month or whenever really:

1) Plan out your day using Google Calendars (1 hour for emails, 2 hours for project A, 3 hours for project B, etc) and stick to it. This also helps track everything you’ve worked on/accomplished if your boss were to ask.

2) Put your personal cell phone on vibrate and keep it face down. Plan phone breaks if you are someone who is constantly on your phone (guilty). This helps suppress the temptation of checking Instagram 20 times a day and also gives you a minute to relax and refocus during phone breaks.

3) Set up a designated “work space.” Get thrifty and pile up some books to create a standing desk. Do you like to listen to the radio at work or do you prefer complete silence? Do what works for you! When you’re in your work space, you’re in work mode. Take your lunch break and phone breaks somewhere other than your work space.

4) Find a really good coffee or matcha recipe to make before starting work each day. My new obsession is “Whipped Coffee, and I make it every morning before I start working on my computer. It gives me something to look forward to and signals to my brain that it’s time to work.

5) Remember why you do what you do and how your work makes a positive impact on the world. In times of uncertainty like this, the biggest motivator can be focusing on how you make a difference.

The biggest thing to remember is do what works for you! I realize that I’m writing this from the coveted point of view of someone that doesn’t have to figure out the challenges of working from home with a spouse, or kids that are sick of being inside and have all the energy in the world. I wish you luck and just remember that this will all make a funny story someday!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Corinna Peterson is the communications and marketing assistant at the GINCC. She currently resides in Marquette with her mini Australian shepherd, Lola. She enjoys reading, hiking, snowboarding, working out, traveling and trying out new vegetarian restaurants and recipes for her blog.


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