Clutter chic? Home filled floor to ceiling

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Lawrenceville home of Popie and Joe Geever is a kaleidoscope of kitsch, color and collectibles.

“It’s like living in a work of art,” says photographer Ed Freeman, who is enamored with the home’s unique style. Mrs. Geever is its creative force, treating her home like a collage. Nearly every available space from floor to ceiling is occupied with what some would call creative clutter, a delicate balance of heirlooms, collections and things that have meaning for the couple.

“I’m a minimalist,” says Mr. Geever, a former middle school teacher and magician.

“It’s true,” his wife says, laughing. She has been in the 2,000-square-foot house for 19 years and was living there when she met him. Mr. Geever’s contribution is a large fish tank used as a headboard in their bedroom — “It’s very relaxing,” she says — and a koi pond in the backyard garden.


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