Gone fishin’

Upper Peninsula

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers have been targeting lake trout while trolling spoons and the occasional fly 40 to 60 feet down or when bouncing along the bottom. A few Chinook and coho were also caught.

• Marquette: Overall fishing is slow for this time of year as many boats struggle to get more than a couple fish per trip. A few lake trout were caught in 120 to 180 feet around Granite Island and the White Rocks though the fish were scattered throughout the water column. Anglers were marking large numbers of fish along with lots of baitfish so they do not want to bite.

• Little Bay De Noc: Walleye fishing slowed however anglers reported good catches of undersize fish taken between the Narrows and Garth Point. A few bigger fish were reported at the “Black Bottom” with crawlers or stick baits in 30 feet. The best fishing was into Green Bay with crawlers or stick baits in 16 to 30 feet around the shoals. Perch anglers reported fair to good catches in mostly shallow waters. Fish were found in the Day’s River area, Kipling and Gladstone Bay in five to 10 feet with crawlers, minnows or wax worms. The numbers were low but some nice jumbo’s have been caught. Good northern pike action in Kipling along the coal piles in 10 to 16 feet and in Escanaba between the municipal dock and the ship docks in eight to 24 feet when trolling spinners or crank baits.

• Big Bay De Noc: Salmon were caught out in the “Gap” when trolling 60 to 90 feet down in 120 feet off Fairport.

• Manistique: The salmon are finally in and fair to good catches were reported two to five miles past the Red Buoy when trolling spoons 60 to 80 feet down in 80 to 120 feet. The fish are big and healthy with many in the 20-pound range.

• Munising: A few anglers out trying for salmon and reported low catches of one or two coho or splake however most had none. Fair catches of lake trout were taken out near White Rocks, Wood Island Reef and Grand Portal in 120 to 150 feet. Those jigging near Grump Hump and out on the Big Reef also caught fish. Most averaged three to four pounds. Shore anglers reported poor catch rates for splake with most undersize. Near shore water temperatures were in the low to mid 60’s.

• Grand Marais: A few anglers trolling outside the breakwall caught coho at various depths in 80 feet with planer boards, lead core downriggers. The coho were feeding on sticklebacks. Those out for lake trout did well near Five Mile Reef and Big Reef.

— The Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Detour: A mix of Chinook, Atlantics, lake trout, steelhead and even a couple pink salmon have been caught at the Detour Reef and lighthouse. For the Atlantics, anglers are running dipsey divers and colored lead core line, 3 to 4 colors down. Anglers catching the most Atlantic salmon are running dipsey divers, and colored lead core line, 3 to 4 colors 18 to 40 feet down in 80 to 90 feet. Consistent catches of Atlantic salmon have come on four-inch spoons in orange mixed with black and gold, orange and metallic green, or pink. Some bigger Chinook salmon have been showing up and were caught 40 to 55 feet down in 80 to 90 feet when trolling 3.5 to 4 mph.

Drummond Island: The hot days generated more fly hatches which improved catch rates for cisco. Good catches were reported at Butterfield Island in 18 to 20 feet of water while jigging three feet off the bottom with brown or a reddish-brown teardrop jig tipped with a wax worm or fly. Fish were also caught around Maple Island and McComb Island in 18 to 22 feet and on the north side of Burnt Island in 14 to 16 feet. Good walleye action in the early morning when trolling a crawler harness with a bottom bouncer in seven to nine feet near Rutland Island and Peck Island.

Cedarville and Hessel: There were no reports of cisco being caught in Prentiss Bay or McKay Bay as fly hatches have been very light. Good northern pike action at the Middle Entrance to the Les Cheneaux Islands with creek chubs just off the weed beds in eight to 12 feet and the east end of Snows Channel when trolling a chrome spoon with a red eye in six to eight feet. For the youngsters, try shore fishing off Hill Island Road for panfish, smallmouth bass and small channel cats. For Hessel, perch 7.5 to 10 inches were caught off the finger docks at the marina in eight feet with worms and shiners. Boat anglers should target the weed beds in six to eight feet as perch like water temperatures 60 degrees or more. Pike were caught from the pier in the early morning when floating a creek chub about five feet down in more than eight feet of water. Very good bass fishing in Mackinaw Bay when jigging tube jigs for smallmouth and casting gold or chrome spinners for largemouth near Echo Island and Lone Susan Island. A few lake trout were caught near Goose Island when trolling a chartreuse and chrome or blue and chrome spoons in 65 to 80 feet. No salmon to report.


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