Gone fishin’

Gone fishin'

Upper Peninsula

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers should be cautious when venturing out on the ice with the current warm temps hitting the bay. Anglers have caught a good number of lake trout and lake herring recently. Some splake, whitefish, coho and the occasional brown trout were still being caught. Smelt anglers at night are still reporting low catch rates and those venturing out for burbot at night managed to catch a few.

Cedarville: Anglers have been doing really well catching 8 – 11-inch yellow perch while jigging minnows and wax worms in Musky Bay and Duck Bay. There was very little fishing pressure in the Cedarville channel and the point going into Government Bay.

Hessel: Yellow perch fishing has been slow this week with little fishing pressure being reported. However, anglers have been catching splake while jigging minnows in Hessel Bay and in Wilderness Bay.


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