Crushing our New Year’s resolutions

MARQUETTE — What do you call a gym that is full? January.

Yes, the fitness centers are packed, and most are on the “New-Year-new-me” train. The plans are to eliminate anything that doesn’t involve kale and set the alarm clock for early morning workouts.

Sound familiar?

Maybe this should be the year that you slow your roll and take a step back from the all too familiar New Year’s rush to change everything at once. The goal to improve yourself is a good thing. The motivation is a good thing. Trying to do too much, too fast, however, can often lead to disappointing results and frustration.

Just as a small stone can produce a large ripple in the water, a small step can produce larger results. What if we rewrote the script and started off with goals that are small, specific, and meaningful?

And just as important as the size of the step, be sure that your goal has personal meaning. Do you want to be part of a group? Go solo? Lose weight? Tone muscle? Prepare for a competition? All of the above? Small steps can help you stay on track and successfully reach any goal.

The larger and out of proportion goals are nearly impossible to attain. Even the most highly-trained athlete knows that staying in shape is a process or ongoing journey.

Stepping stones involving daily changes can set you up for success. Starting with a small manageable goal, like picking up the phone to join a gym can be part of your successful plan. That is one step forward, one step closer to your goal.

Finally, along the way be kind to yourself. Things won’t always go as planned, but remember why you set this goal. Celebrate the progress you do make — including showing up. You are in control & will take as many small steps forward it takes to crush your goals.


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