Strong Systems with essential oils

With the bombardment of toxins in our food, skin care, body care, cleaning products, pesticides, GMO’s, added hormones, not to mention the increased need to achieve more and more and everyday stress, it’s a wonder that any of us are healthy.

Some body functions that seem to be particularly affected are the adrenals, lymphatic and even the limbic system. There are many different ways to help support these body systems to help achieve optimal health such as, more and better quality sleep, less caffeine, increased filtered water intake, more exercise, healthier diet, eating organic, power naps, yoga, meditation.

Another lesser known way is the use of essential oils. Essential oils help your system do what it is designed to do, to help keep you above the wellness line.

All of our systems depend on the others to work optimally. If our digestive system, is slow, blocked or sluggish, you potentially have toxins leaching into your system. If your glandular system is not working in harmony, you can lack energy, feel depressed and have difficulty shedding weight. Mentally, when we are stressed, worried or anxious, it can affect every other system and its function.

Oils can benefit the human body because they contain chemical constituents such as sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and phenols. Some oils contain constituents like menthol, limonene and even the highest known anti-oxidants.


Another potential benefit of essential oils is they can help nutrients absorb better into our system. If we are lacking in minerals, vitamins, etc. our bodies can struggle to absorb the nutrients they need to work optimally, even if we are ingesting healthy foods.

Another area of research is the importance of having a healthy pH. When our systems are acidic, we can be susceptible to many diseases. Certain microbes, such as yeast or fungus thrive in an acidic environment. Having balance, as with every part of life, can be a key to overall wellness and success.

If you are struggling to maintain wellness, trying essential oils would be an excellent choice. It is especially important to use a quality product, that is pure and safe. Research your product choice thoroughly. There are great resources to learn more such as essential oil reference books, PubMed.gov and even pharmacotherapy specialist Dr. Lindsey Elmore, who has many videos available on YouTube.

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