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How physical therapy can help relieve low back pain and prevent future occurrences

Did you know that low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the United States? Over 80 percent of the US population will experience an episode of lower back pain at some time during life. For most, recovery can happen within a few months, but the incidence of low back pain is on the rise, and so is the costs associated with it – loss of work, visits to the ER, medications, and imaging.  

Low back pain can present itself as a dull ache, a throb, sharp shooting pain, radiating down either or both legs.  Symptoms can be constant, or come and go, come on gradually or appear suddenly with a certain position or movement. Those who have experienced back pain know that it makes everything more difficult. The pain can be completely disabling, preventing you from going to work, standing up straight, sitting in one position, or simply getting out of bed.   Physical therapy (PT) can be a successful method to combat low back pain and prevent future occurrences.  Whatever the reason or onset, PT can help improve your function.

When low back pain comes on, your muscles, joints and nerves can all be affected. Physical Therapy can break the pain cycle created by low back pain and start addressing the muscle imbalance, spasms and tension due to swelling and irritation. PT can help to reactivate your muscles, rebalancing the inhibited muscles and the calming the overactive muscles. Using a series of specific exercises geared toward the muscle imbalance, as well as different methods to break the pain, your Physical Therapist can help can decrease symptoms and improve functionality. Your number of visits will depend on the severity and duration of symptoms.

The sooner you see your Physical therapist, the sooner your symptoms will resolve. During your therapy sessions, you will learn how to move properly to prevent future back problems, exercises to perform to maintain the strength and balance in your back muscles, and maintain full movement in your spinal joints.

If you are ready to do something about your back pain and prevent future occurrences, make an appointment with your Physical Therapist today.


For more information or to set up an appointment to get your life back, contact Active Physical Therapy at www.stayactiveup.com


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