Balance by Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the ancient technique that fine, sterile needles about the size of human hair are gently placed superficially into the skin. Acupuncture is a safe and practical form of Chinese Medicine that can be useful for assisting many different disease conditions for all types of people regardless of age.

Acupuncture is based on a meridian theory that our bodies have special pathways that conduct “energy” or traditionally known as “Qi”. When we have pain whether emotional or physical our pathways are most likely not running properly. There can be blockages in the channels which commonly represents as pain. For someone who is moody, their pathways could be running different directions and have the ability to switch rapidity. Liver “energy” or “Qi” is responsible for a smooth flow of the channels in the body. When we have a smooth flow in our channels, we feel better.

In Chinese Medicine, we want balance. Balance is when our inside environment is working well with our outside environment. Balance can look like waking up with energy and feeling moderately well. Feeling super tired in the morning with a foggy head indicates your “Qi” is not circulating properly. In the morning, you need your “Qi” to rise. So to balance this, you could simply need more sleep and stricter hours with the same sleep-wake cycle. Or it could be a deficiency that needs to be corrected via acupuncture or nutrition.

A balanced mood experiences all types of feeling throughout the year. Chronic sadness as well as inappropriate happiness is a red flag that our “shen” or spirit could be off balanced. It is completely natural to grieve a relationship loss, it is unhealthy to hop into another relationship and go to all the “good” feelings and skip the grief of the first. This is an example of not being connected or balanced with your inner shen or spirit.

So surprisingly, how can thin, needles address so much? We chatted about how acupuncture addresses physical pain to emotional disturbances. Again it comes all down to the proper flow and balance. If our channels are flowing properly it will be easier to let go of disappointment, try new things and have less pain.


Let us look at the natural phenomenon of a rainbow. It is not the absence of rain, clouds or permanency of sun, it the mixture that creates the beauty and captivating shine of the rainbow. Balance is created and maintained by rolling and falling out of balance and coming back. We cannot know happiness if we do not know the weight of the pain. We cannot know genuine love if we have not felt dislike. We cannot know a healthy body without previous aches and pains. We define one by the other. We all know imbalance, maybe with the help of acupuncture and more flowing channels inside of us we can get to know balance more. Just like the day and night define each other, I invite you to define your idea of health and balance and see how good you can really feel with the help of an ageless natural medicine technique acupuncture.

Alicia Smith is a board certified acupuncturist and medical director of Acupuncture of Marquette, an interdisciplinary family healthcare clinic. The practice offers acupuncture, hypnotherapy, consoling, massage and biofeedback.


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