Fire Station Cannabis Co. prepares for 4/20 celebration

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MARQUETTE — The Fire Station Cannabis Co. is preparing for the biggest cannabis sales event of the year.

The Fire Station’s retail marketing manager Sean LaMarche said he anticipates this year’s sales event will be a continuation of last year, growing in terms of overall sales.

“4/20 is obviously our biggest sales event of the year. It’s the biggest sale day as it is for most retailers, pretty much every retailer in the state,” LaMarche said. “It’s definitely a fun time where a lot of different brands can showcase what they have. You see some of the biggest deals of the year coming out on 4/20.”

With over 10 dispensaries in Marquette County, The Fire Station has three in the area – Marquette, Negaunee and Ishpeming. In total, The Fire Station has eight dispensaries across the U.P. and is the first licensed U.P. recreational retailer.

“I would say we stand out from everybody,” LaMarche said. “We have great deals, great prices and we always try and go above and beyond for our customers. That’s always kind of a core philosophy at The Fire Station, go above and beyond for our customers there.”

LaMarche said the company is always looking to bring a positive cannabis experience to customers and a positive light to the world of cannabis due to the reputation and stigma cannabis has.

“We really try and run our business in a way that we are showcasing the positive and benefits we can bring to the community through cannabis,” LaMarche said. “Kind of like that stigma that cannabis is bad for the community, but in reality we work really hard to dispel that.”

With the new locations that have been added since last year, LaMarche said more people will be able to enjoy the largest holiday in the cannabis community.

“I think with the deals, people will be flocking to the stores on 4/20,” LaMarche said. “The market is always in flux. So you never know with cannabis, it’s always something new.”

One of the challenges LaMarche said the company has seen in preparation for the upcoming holiday is making sure the level of supply met all of the stores.

“We have grown to be eight locations now, so getting products for eight locations looks a lot different than getting products for two locations,” LaMarche said. “It’s trying to find the right partners to work with and the right vendors. As we grow it’s presenting it’s unique challenges, but it’s been very rewarding to bring new things to customers.”

LaMarche said The Fire Station works to make sure that products brought to the market are safe and high quality for customers.

“It’s very rewarding to see the growth of this industry as a whole, and I enjoy seeing other retailers and what they are doing,” LaMarche said. “Everything is so new and everybody is still experimenting.”

LaMarche said that one thing that might work for one retailer might not work for another.

“It’s a fun industry to be a part of and see what everyone is doing,” LaMarche said. “Every 4/20 you think you’ve seen it all but every 4/20 someone always brings something new to the table.”

In a press release from The Fire Station, the company will offer limited time deals for the 4/20 holiday beginning Tuesday and ending on Thursday.

One of the company’s deals includes 30% off storewide.

“4/20 is a day for us to show our customers appreciation and celebrate cannabis,” The Fire Station co-owner and CEO Logan Stauber said in a press release. “But we like to take this a step further by offering all of our deals during the two days leading up to the holiday. This allows everyone to shop with us no matter what their schedule looks like.”

In addition to the limited time deals, the company is offering free products to the first customers that shop each day of the sales, limited edition posters by U.P. artist Elijah Haswell and more.

The company also shares ways to celebrate the holiday.

The Fire Station recommends getting creative through a preferred medium such as painting, socialize and gather with friends or meditate for a relaxing way to celebrate.

For more information on 4/20 and The Fire Station’s sale event, visit online at thefirestation.com/rolling-into-420-history-traditions-how-to-celebrate/.


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