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Over the past few years I have been obsessed with cheese and charcuterie boards, and recently have started to expand on different themes like dessert boards or movie night boards. I love finding different cheeses to pair with fruits, meats and veggies. This year I made my New Year’s Resolution around boards, make more and try new things, so far it has been a huge success with my family. There are a handful of books of this topic but below are a few of my favorite, plus a taco one for inspiration! In my personal opinion you can never go wrong with a taco board!

“That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life” by Marissa Mullen 641.673 MU

This book is hands down my favorite, the pictures, illustrations and guides are amazing. Marissa Mullen has so many ideas, she lists out everything on the board and even gives step by step instruction to help you set up your board. Carbs are your Friend is my personal favorite section of this book.

“Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion” by Shelly Westerhausen 642.4 WE

So many good recipes in this book! The book is broken down into five parts, all revolving around the day. One of my favorite boards from this book is the Movie Night Board, the popcorn recipe is amazing! I personally can’t wait to make the Dinner Party Spread, mostly for the tiered cheese “cake”.

“Vegan Boards: 50 Gorgeous plant-based snack, meal and dessert boards for all occasions” by Kate Kasbee 641.5636 KA

This is a great book, especially if you can’t have cheese. Not only do they recommend some great alternatives, but the plant based boards are so pretty. Bright colors and delicious dips and recipes fill this book!

“Tequila & Tacos: A Guide to Spirited Pairings” by Katherine Cobbs 641.5972 CO

Taco Tuesday is a regular event in our house, so when I saw this book I have to check it out. Not only does it have recipes for traditional tacos and drinks, but expands on more flavors to get make an even better taco! There is even a recipe for dessert tacos, and personally I cannot wait to make them.

By Amanda Pierce

Teen Services Coordinator


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