Ore Dock plans to distribute its ales in bottles

MARQUETTE – Beer lovers who enjoy partaking in some of the craft brews being cooked up at the Ore Dock brewing company in Marquette will soon be able to take them home in a bottle.

Following a recent expansion in fermentation capacity, Ore Dock is set to showcase three of its taproom favorites in packaged form across Marquette County.

“We’ve added enough capacity to bottle 20 bbls (beer barrels) a week, or roughly 250 cases of beer,” brewmaster Nick VanCourt said in a press release.

It’s a move that reflects sustainability of the business with a continued commitment toward community, according to a press release from the company.

“We want to make sure we’re growing consciously, at a rate that we can sustain well into the future,”Ore Dock co-founder Andrea Pernsteiner said in the release. “We feel strongly about first ensuring product quality and availability in our backyard before further expanding our distribution.”

Originally set to be in stores Monday, the Ore Dock announced Saturday on its Facebook page that due to unforeseen circumstances the launch will be delayed, but should occur soon.

Ore Dock remains a relatively small brewery with a total brew-house capacity of 120bbls. The expansion is meant to fulfill the fermentable needs of the brewery’s initial bottling effort.

Included in brands to be bottled are Reclamation IPA, Bum’s Beach Wheat and Saison, which will be delivered to Marquette County stores by Pike Distributing. Bums Beach Wheat and Reclamation IPA will debut first, with Saison.

The choice to use bottles instead of cans for Ore Dock ales was determined by the brewery’s persona, with the brewers focusing in on traditional processes that result in the crafting of true-to-style beers, the release states.

“Glass is a very traditional vessel for beer,” Pernsteiner said. “It was an easy way for us to wrap our head around what we would want our ales to be packaged in.”