‘Not My Presidents Day’ rally held in Marquette

Bob Swanson, front, of Marquette, stands with other protesters Monday morning as part of a “Not My Presidents Day” protest on the corner of West Washington and Third streets in Marquette. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakley)

MARQUETTE — A Monday satellite rally of the national “Not My Presidents Day” movement brought out dozens of protesters who let their opinions about President Donald Trump be known.

The event took place on Presidents Day in front of the U.S. Postal Service building at the corner of Third and Washington streets.

Leading the rally was Anne Stark, of Marquette, who also spearheaded the Feb. 11 demonstration held in Marquette in support of Planned Parenthood.

She called herself the “instigator” of the Monday event, the purpose of which was to celebrate the holiday and exercise democracy and free speech, she said.

“We are supporting the values the American Constitution has and the freedom to assemble and make our voices heard,” Stark said.

Carroll Ann Swanson of Marquette displays a placard in support of the First Amendment. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakley)

However, the event was more, which was obvious considering the number of anti-Trump signs seen.

“We have a president who has not been living up to the values and the competence of the office of the president, and we are reminding our citizens that we need to hold our leaders accountable,” Stark said.

The “loosely affiliated” contingent at the rally was composed of groups of people who marched at events like the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington and the simultaneous Women’s March in Marquette, said Stark, who contacted those participants to take part in Monday’s event.

One participant, Orlene Riley, of Negaunee, wants Trump to be “repealed.”

She didn’t mince words when asked why.

“He’s crazy,” Riley said. “He’s reckless. He has no filter.”

Darlene Allen, of Marquette, also took part in the rally.

“One reason I’m here is just to join with others in solidarity as we move forward to fight for our democracy and to fight against issues that we feel like are against our civil rights and others’, and so that solidarity is very important in sharing this opportunity,” Allen said.

She said it’s particularly important people let Trump know on Presidents Day they have concerns.

“We want transparency,” Allen said. “We certainly want the president to be able to succeed, but unless he listens, he won’t be able to.”

According to the Facebook page of the “Not My Presidents Day” movement, rallies had been scheduled for Monday throughout the United States, including its flagship event in Los Angeles, as well as other locations like Ann Arbor, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; and Pasadena, California.

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