My first trip to Chicago, but it won’t be my last

georgia hummell, 10

I like to travel as long it’s not too far because I get really carsick and I really hate it. The longest I have ever traveled was three days. That trip felt too long, but once I get where we are going I love the activities.

Recently we traveled to Chicago to see a Cubs game. My dad plays golf with the umpire from the Cubs. I do not like baseball, but I went to the game and I liked being at the game. We got really good seats. We sat so close we could see the pitcher. I liked how the game kept going so I could see how the game worked. I ate peanuts and they are famous for their hotdogs so I had one of those too. I had relish and ketchup on it.

We went to a place called Navy Pier. If you went up some stairs and got to the top of Navy Pier there were rides: a Ferris wheel and a ride that picked you up and dropped you. I did want to ride it, until I realized what it did. Instead, I chose to see the Chicago Children’s Museum. There were lots of cool and fun things to do there. Lots of climbing things; a rope climb that was a bunch of ropes tied together and you could climb up and down it, but you had to be 8 or 9 years old to do it. I saw that there was a big room for just building forts; surprisingly there were a couple of doors to build your fort with. They were special-made doors. They had hooks on them to hook on blankets. The Chicago Children’s Museum has a similar digging pit to the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum’s digging pit. It’s almost exactly like it, but multiply it by 100 and that’s how big it was. It was HUGE.

We also went to a place called Millennium Park. That was probably the most interesting experience we had in Chicago because it wasn’t like an actual park. It was a place where kids could get their bathing suits on and there were huge humongous faces that would move and squirt out water.

We were at Millennium Park when it started sprinkling, and when we were walking out it started storming. It was thundering and we didn’t have a place to go. We got to a bus stop and a screen said that bus would be there in three minutes, but it finally came in 45 minutes. We were about to get on the bus. My dad said it was too crowded and we had to wait for the next bus. When we finally got back to our hotel my brother and I crashed. We were so tired.

We went to a pizza place for Chicago style pizza. They said it would be a 40-minute wait. My mom and I took a walk around the block and saw some people protesting. We walked by them again to see what they were protesting. They were protesting because they didn’t want a K-8 school torn down and made into a high school.

We also went to LEGOLAND in the mall. It was so cool. There were huge Lego friend dolls made entirely out of Legos. There was also a Lego dragon that was hanging from the ceiling. It took eight men and 1,000 hours to make it.

It was also my first time going to a Build-A-Bear Workshop. I made a bear and named it Cupcake.

It was my first time doing a lot of things: first time going on a city bus; first time going a train; first time going to a baseball game. It may have been my first time in Chicago, but it won’t be my last.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Georgia Hummell, 10, is going into fourth grade at Graveraet Elementary School. She enjoys traveling and volunteering at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum.