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Limit magazine size

December 31, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

(They are) just three of 62 mass killings mourned by Americans in the last 30 years. The massacres created by these murderers were facilitated by the use of multi-shot, high round capacity semiautomatic weapons.

I believe in Second Amendment rights. I am a hunter and trapper and I own several guns including a pistol. I began hunting when I was 12 and today, at 65, I'm still hunting and trapping.

Sportsman, and those concerned with home and self-protection don't need the fire power of multi-shot clips and weapons. Deer hunters, how many deer have you taken with the third or fourth shot? Home defense adherents, do you believe that you'll stop the bad guy with the 15th round as opposed to the first or second?

I am not naive enough to believe that by outlawing multi-shot clips/weapons we'll stop all sociopaths like Adam Lanza. Nor will we stop people from murdering each other. We can't prevent killings, but we can prevent mass killings.

If Adam Lanza had taken three weapons into Sandy Hook Elementary School with a total fire power of nine he could not have created such carnage. If even one innocent life was saved because Lanza could only shoot nine times before reloading, would you not be thankful?

Don't take the guns away, take away the firepower: enact state and federal legislation limiting the fire power of all guns to three shots-one in the chamber and two in the magazine. Break the law and you go to jail.

What to do with the millions of weapons out there: a Federal stimulus package buying back those weapons or refitting them to comply with the law. As for the police and military, give them the fire power they need.

It's a simple proposal, but if it had been law, might have saved the life of at least one child at Sandy Hook Elementary. If that child had been yours, how would you feel?

Douglas Mills




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