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GOP busting unions

December 11, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Michigan Republicans are behaving like bullies. Let's face it, these recent actions are not about labor or women. They are about punishment. The Republican Party in 2012 sold its soul to plutocrats. They spent billions of dollars. They gerrymandered. They disenfranchised. They pulled every political dirty trick that skirted the fringe of legality. And still, their candidate Mitt Romney was defeated.

When they stopped gaping and blinking in disbelief, you'd think Republicans would take some time for introspection.

But, no, instead, they double down by pulling this banana republic crap in Michigan. Wrap this stinker in whatever Orwellian doublespeak you choose: this is union-busting, pure and simple.

Just like any bully who has just had his clock cleaned, Republicans whirled around looking for someone less powerful to unleash their tantrum on. Who else but their favorite whipping boy, organized labor? And while they have the whip in their hands, why not punish women, too?

Democracy is one person equals one vote. As desperately as Republicans might wish it, it never was and never will be one dollar equals one vote.

Stomp on all the working people. Stomp on all the women. What percentage of the population do you suppose they make up? Do the math.

Who will be left to vote for Republicans in 2014?

Cindy Alspach




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