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Values delineated

November 19, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Now that it is after the election, as a conservative I would like to share the following. Conservatism is a thought process that believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the core staple of this country.

It is our being, who we are as a person, it is not the portrait the media has made us out to be. We have core principles that guide us, which are limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, many of us are Christian we believe in God and that our rights come from nature not government.

Government has a role that we believe has guided this great country of ours for many years, it's limited in scope set forth in our Constitution. We believe in freedom, freedom to choose your own path in life and make decisions that is best for your own family. We believe in economic opportunity of all, but not equal our comes, you as a person decide your own fate by hard work and dedication.

We understand the need of a safety net in government to help those who have fallen on hard times, but that safety net should not be forever. Education is the only way to lift a person out of poverty, we must allow parents to choose the best school to send there child too.

Immigration reform must be completed now to allow a person to earn a path to citizenship if already in this country and finally pass legislation to end the constant stream of undocumented immigrants who come to our country illegally and have a course of action to deport them without exception. There is not a war on women from our side, we are your grandfathers, fathers, husbands and brothers, it is a portrait painted by the left that is totally not true.

We understand that abortion is settled law, should be rare and not done for convenience purposes, to us its an unborn child not a fetus. Our side does not assault, demonize, shout down other peoples point of view, criticize who you vote for or claim you are racist.

All that said we want what is best for this great nation, but we will not compromise on our principals just for the sake of compromise.

Daniel Niemi




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