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Wolf has role

November 12, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Yes, pity the animal unfortunate enough to be born in the U.S. where it's simple survival instincts put it in the cross hairs of those powerful interest groups which promote, and people who enjoy, killing as recreation.

Include those who think domestic livestock and deer have a more legitimate claim to survival than this magnificent, wild canine. It has been insanely persecuted for centuries out of all proportion to its actual, documented physical threat to man and to man's economic livelihood.

It has been poisoned, gassed, trapped, run-down and shot from airplanes only to somehow, almost magically, hang on tenaciously enough to make a tenuous comeback in some of its original home territory, including the Upper Peninsula.

And now, we can't wait to start killing them as game animals. (The Mining Journal, Nov. 9, 2012). As we face the stark, inconvenient reality in so many ways and places of man's pathetic ineptitude so far as managing nature is concerned, we still claim the arrogant right to kill fellow creatures for that reason.

Yes, the wolf, it's a fellow, sentient creature and like it or not, it has a place and a role in the larger scheme of God's invaluable gift to us,the natural ecosystem, much of which, thankfully, remains intact in this beautiful peninsula.

For anyone who fears death and/or disfigurement by wolf attack check out the historical statistics. Your fears mightily outweigh the likelihood.

For those who fear the demise of the deer hunt because of wolves in the U.P. your concern would be spectacularly better addressed by banishing the automobile.

Check out the numbers, the facts, then calibrate your concerns realistically, which hopefully you'll agree means: Leave the wolf alone.

Bill Waters




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