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Voters should closely consider ballot proposals

Where we stand

November 4, 2012
The Mining Journal

The Mining Journal is joining several other newspapers in the state which have warned their readers about the potential dangers associated with several of the ballot proposals that seek to amend the Michigan Constitution.

The Detroit News said about Proposal 2: "It would end any hope of the state regaining its prosperity and seal its fate as an economic backwater." The Detroit Free Press said Proposal 2 is a "sprawling overreach" and "a mess waiting to happen."

There is much confusion because of the amount of money spent on advertising in electronic media with special interest groups trying to convince voters to vote yes on their proposals. We believe much of the advertising was inaccurate or misleading.

The most dangerous proposal appears to be Proposal 2, which could alter or change over 170 separate common sense laws. If Proposal 2 were approved, it could have a potentially devastating impact on the Michigan economy.

We understand why union members would likely vote yes on Proposal 2 because of the wording in ads talking about collective bargaining. When one considers that unions represent about 12 percent of the working population of Michigan, it is important that the voters who represent the other 88 percent study the ballot proposal and make an informed decision on which way to vote on Proposal 2.

People need to understand all the ramifications of Proposal 2 for the economy before they vote. If you don't have a way to check the possible impact that changing up to 170 common sense laws would have on the state, we recommend that you vote no on this proposal.

At the town hall meeting that Gov. Rick Snyder held in Marquette on Tuesday, he promoted a yes vote on Proposal 1 and a no vote on proposals 2 through 6. We agree with the governor and endorse a yes vote on proposal one and a no vote on proposals two through six.

It should also be noted that Gov.Snyder said during the meeting on Tuesday that he believes in collective bargaining. He said he negotiated two contracts with state unions within the past couple of years using collective bargaining.

The state of Michigan has gone from one of the worst states in the country economically to one of the fastest growing economies in the United States in the past couple of years. We don't want to go backwards and we are afraid that special interest groups trying to buy votes in the election process that change or alter the constitution could be devastating to Michigan's economy.

A yes vote on Proposal 1 and no votes on proposals 2 through 6, we believe, will help maintain our current economic growth in the state of Michigan and also help to secure a much stronger economic future for the state.



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