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Supporting Obama

October 9, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Kudos to Mr. Jacobcic, Ms. Daley, and Sandy Bonsall for great letters. You can't fake quality and you can't pretend to care. Those that do don't even squirm looking in the mirror: deceit is so ingrained and dishonesty so practiced high quality cannot even be recognized.

Conversely, empathy and humility can not stay forever hidden. I would like to use my President for example. His high quality envelops him and his caring is visible in his eyes. He is thoughtful and tough, committed and tender, pragmatic and spiritual. Even during the unprecedented "Arab spring" my President was neither burned in effigy nor verbally disrespected.

But what has Mr. Obama done for us? As a retired RN, I feel that Obamacare is better than any health care gone before. Individuals and businesses have received billions in overpayments from insurance companies. Companies have also applied for lower rates to comply with health care's new requirements. Kids up to 26 may now stay on their parents' policies.

There are free screening for catastrophic diseases such as cancer. There are no spending caps on health care now for the chronically ill. Women don't pay more than men anymore. Pre-existing conditions are now verbal relics of the past.

And he cut billions in waste from Medicare and used this to plug the famous "donut hole" and add years to the Medicare budget. And instead of saying "ask me after the election" he is trying to save Pell grants, National parks, infrastructure,disease research and education.

He's also aware of how vital Medicaid is to nursing home care. He knows that his budget will benefit,not harm, families. He invests in the U.S., not foreign enterprises such as banks.

Obama's genuine concern is greater for family well-being than what popularity polls enumerate. His grandfather served the U.S. in World War II and Barack was raised by two no nonsense women from Kansas. He's not even Catholic but the famous "Nuns on a Bus" support him.

And let's not posture and bang the drum for yet another war. Obama is the one with classified info. He is the president.

I am grateful to be so much safer now now than I was four years ago!

Susan Harris




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