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Vote is important

October 8, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

You may recall the recent Packer/ Seahawk game where replacement referees made, what was apparently, a bad call that deprived the Packers of a win.

You might also be aware of the uproar the decision created among die-hard Packer fans who are much more versed in the rules concerning the call than I. Untutored as I am in the vagaries of football minutia, I called upon a pal from Green Bay to explain to me what happened.

During his explanation his voice rose in both volume and stridency as he, apparently, relived the disappointing moment in his mind. In short, a bad call by the refs, or those temporary "czars," on the field.

I think an opportunity presents itself here for an interesting comparison between the shrill calls for strict adherence to the rules of professional football (the "conservative" position?) and a seemingly inverse disregard for serial violations of the United States Constitution by the so-called "Liberal/Progressive" administration currently brandishing power in Washington.

Where were the cries of foul when Congress approved governmental seizure of the health care system? Why weren't the seagull media types slavering into their microphones at this usurpation of power as their sports media colleagues did on the Packer infamy?

Why is the state of Arizona pilloried by the administration for enforcing its border with Mexico, through Arizona is well within its prerogative under the 10th Amendment?

Why is voter ID so vehemently contested in most states by the administration, though it too is well within the intent covered by that same 10th Amendment? The list goes on and on. Where is the hue and cry?

Maybe the (officials) felt that the Seahawks were having a bad year and they deserved a win. Possibly they felt, too, that any other call would have been mean spirited. Or maybe they simply took the liberal view of NFL rules which hold them to be a list of clever suggestions.

Who knows? It was only a game. This administration, however, isn't playing any game. It, like those whom after four years still support it, are playing with the existence and future of this country and its children.

But take heart sports fans, in about a month you, unlike fans at that ignominious Packer/Seahawk game, will have a chance to rectify what turned out to be an very, very bad call in 2008.

William Gordon




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