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Supports Dems

October 4, 2012
The Mining Journal

Supports Dems

To the Journal editor:

To promote justice in our upcoming election, we need to answer two basic questions: For procedural justice to determine the truth, should we use prejudicial or scientific methods?

Prejudicial methods include subjectively using anecdote, belief, culturalism, majoritarianism, or traditionalism.

In contrast, scientific methods include objectively stating the problem with its importance, and using valid data and logical reasoning to solve the problem.

For substantive justice to determine goodness, should we use Democratic or Republican theories?

The fundamental goal of Democratic theories is justice for all. The means are to use scientific methods to determine if there is a lacking of all rights for all, and if there is a lacking to develop national policies to promote all rights for all.

Rights include 1. general rights of an activist national government, no damage, no discrimination, accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, equal opportunity, equal protection, growth, innovation, regulation, rule of law, sustainability and transparency; 2. economic rights of full employment, progressive taxation, stability with little inflation or recession, and worker rights to organize-collectively bargain-strike; 3. educational and health care rights of universal and comprehensive programs; 4. environmental rights of health and safety; and 5. political rights of privacy, security and freedoms of information and speech. All includes all workers and all retired.

In contrast, the goal of Republican theories is justice for self. The means are to use prejudicial methods to promote individualistic domestic policy, nationalistic foreign policy, free market, economy-education-environment-health-politics, fee-for-service, limited government (low taxes, privatization, few services, and few regulations), militarism, restrained judicial branch, states' rights, traditionalism and volunteerism.

Which should we use? To answer this question we state and apply our basic right. What is our basic right? The clearest statement of our basic right is in our Pledge of Allegiance that declares "justice for all."

To promote justice for all, vote Democratic.

Gordon C. Peterson


Editor's note: Gordon C. Peterson is not to be confused with Marquette resident Gordon J. "Gordy" Peterson of the Swanson-Lundquist Funeral Home.



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