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Mental health first aid

April 19, 2016 NEGAUNEE — If you saw someone having a medical emergency, depending on the situation, you might perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, treat for shock or put pressure on a wound. more »»

Saving people, saving pets

April 12, 2016 MARQUETTE — It could be easy to tell a person in an abusive domestic situation to just leave. more »»

Global research sees statin benefits in lower risk patients

April 12, 2016 CHICAGO — The first major research of its kind shows that cholesterol-lowering statins can prevent heart attacks and strokes in a globally diverse group of older people who don’t have heart disease. more »»

Use the law to strengthen your bones

April 12, 2016 It’s time to lay down the law! But I’m not talking about the law of the land, or constitutional law, but a more fundamental one, that governs us all, whether we know it or not. more »»

Apple a day definitely has its benefits

April 12, 2016 Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Or, in more medical terms, is a higher level of fruit consumption associated with lower risk of heart disease and stroke? D. more »»

U.P. Pink Power hosting walk to raise funds

April 5, 2016 MARQUETTE — Don’t ever make the mistake of associating the color pink with weakness. The annual 17-mile “fun-raising walk” sponsored by U.P. Pink Power will take place beginning at 10 a.m. more »»

Many treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

April 5, 2016 There’s a cliched image most of you have likely seen, of a wizened, frail old lady, with gnarled hands like a bent tre. more »»

Laughter the best medicine

April 5, 2016 It has been a while since we did our joke column, so let’s see if some of the following will bring a smile to your face, hopefully without too much groaning! Always recall that laughter provides... more »»

A man, a fish and the Darwin Awards

March 29, 2016 It was a cold winter day in Akron, Ohio. Mr. Gentner, a 23 year old man choked to death after trying to swallow a live, 5-inch-long fish. more »»


March 29, 2016 NEGAUNEE — Many people know the smell of lavender can ease stress, and that sniffing the scent of lemon can be a picker-upper. more »»

Vitamin D deficiency a common cause of fatigue

March 29, 2016 I would venture to say that fatigue is a common problem, at least among the elderly, but also in the general population. Naturally, it is safe to say that there are likely many causes. more »»

Worth talking about

March 22, 2016 MARQUETTE — Getting ready for a colonoscopy, what with the day of fasting before the procedure and other uncomfortable prep work, probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s bucket list of Fun Things To... more »»

Blood clots can be a silent killer

March 22, 2016 Have you ever been on a long plane flight? Or perhaps, had to stay several nights in a hospital? If the answer to either is yes, you were at risk of a condition that can kill silently, with little... more »»

Daylight savings time cuts both ways

March 22, 2016 More and more, states are now taking a good look as to whether they should continue with daylight savings time. For reasons noted below, I am not a fan of daylight savings time. more »»

Space station delivery rich in science, tech

March 22, 2016 CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. more »»

Tapping essentials

March 15, 2016 MARQUETTE — Jenn Hill, education program manager at the Superior Watershed Partnership — who knows a thing or two about water — walked away from the Thursday “Science on Tap” program, acknowledging... more »»

Smartphone ‘voices’ not always helpful in a health crisis

March 15, 2016 CHICAGO — It can give you street directions or find the nearest deli, but how helpful is your smartphone’s virtual voice in a health crisis? A study says the answer is often “not very. more »»

Foot problems may be treated by many

March 15, 2016 What do you do when you have a toothache? Obviously, you go to a dentist. There aren’t any other reasonable options. more »»

Cell phone courtesy and safety

March 8, 2016 Many of us have observed two or more people trying to have a verbal conversation, with some of them just occasionally glancing up at the other person or person. more »»

Local vegans refrain from meat, dairy for health

March 8, 2016 MARQUETTE — Why are some people vegan? Going beyond simple vegetarianism and refraining from eggs and animal milk as well as meat and fish might be difficult for some people. more »»



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