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Electrical therapy of much use

September 29, 2015 I would venture to guess that when Benjamin Franklin experimented with electricity, he did not for a moment realize the multitude of uses to which this exciting new force would be put. Then again, Mr. more »»

Heart is where love isn’t

September 29, 2015 In “The Merchant of Venice,” William Shakespeare wrote: “Tell me where fancy bred/ Or in the heart, or in the head?” It is only lately that Shakespeare's question of where love resides was about to... more »»

Healthy beaches, healthy people

September 22, 2015 MARQUETTE — When people think of ways to stay healthy, picking up cigarette butts along the beach might not be on the top of the list. more »»

Little trauma, big trouble

September 22, 2015 Have you ever stubbed your toe? Of course you have; it’s a facet of the human condition, and likely has occurred to every human since the caveman. more »»

Judging ourselves, others

September 22, 2015 When interacting with others, it is part of our human nature to tend to judge other people and various situation. more »»

Study suggests getting blood pressure even lower will save lives

September 15, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — Aiming lower saves more lives when it comes to controlling high blood pressure, says a major new study that could spur doctors to more aggressively treat patients over 50. more »»

New imaging leaves little to imagination

September 15, 2015 A favorite game for many children, both today and in years gone by, was to imagine that they have a super power, and a heated discussion typically ensues about which was the best, most desirable... more »»

Tricycle injuries send thousands of tykes to ERs each year

September 15, 2015 By LINDSEY TANNER AP Medical Writer CHICAGO (AP) — Tricycles might seem pretty tame but they send thousands of kids to emergency rooms each year and are even linked to a handful of deaths, new... more »»

Tummy tuck

September 8, 2015 Casey Reyes struggled for a way to explain the “sci-fi” surgery doctors were proposing to save her 87-year-old grandfather’s badly burned hand. more »»

Treating chronic wounds

September 8, 2015 Some things in medicine are fairly standardized. If you are going in for a knee replacement, the brand name on the implant may change, but the basics are pretty much the same. more »»

UPAWS a great facility

September 8, 2015 Humane treatment of animals is very important to so many of us. more »»

Heroin problems outpace Michigan’s solutions

September 1, 2015 LANSING — As Michigan struggles to keep up with its growing heroin and opioid addictions, only one state intervention might be working. more »»

Sleepless in O.R.? Never!

September 1, 2015 My patients are curious creatures. They want to know where I am from. They wonder why I chose to be a urologist. “How, of all places did you end up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,” they ask. more »»

Autumn’s complex problem

September 1, 2015 I am confronted frequently in my work, by the consequences of the physical universe, with the emphasis on the word “physical”. more »»

Second cancers are on the rise

August 25, 2015 Second cancers are on the rise. Nearly 1 in 5 new cases in the U.S. now involves someone who has had the disease befor. more »»

Arthritis treatment available

August 25, 2015 I find myself remarking regularly on the passage of time, with particular reference to its effect on the human body. Naturally, disease and ill-health are usually the objects of discussion. more »»

Oswald’s Bear Ranch

August 25, 2015 Oswald’s Bear Ranch is located just north of Newberry and has become a very famous tourist attractio. more »»

Your brain’s aging and a new report urges ways to stay sharp

August 18, 2015 WASHINGTON (AP) — Those lost car keys that were an annoyance in your 30s can spark major anxiety in your 60s. more »»

US lowers flouride levels; too much causing splotchy teeth

August 18, 2015 NEW YORK (AP) — The government is lowering the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water because some kids are getting too much, causing white splotches on their teeth. more »»

Calluses can be a clue

August 18, 2015 Ever shaken hands with a carpenter? Did you notice how thick, dry and callused the skin of their hands were? Did you wonder why? Probably not, but to a physician who studies the lower extremity on a... more »»



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