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State senate pot bills ensure patients are provided fair access

September 25, 2016 The Senate last week passed a package of bills to substantially alter the state’s medical marijuana program, which has been vague ever since its 2008 passage. The vote is a mixed bag. more »»

What happens to Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton loses?

September 25, 2016 There’s been lots of speculation about the fate of the Republican Party if (as most of the prognosticators expect and hope) Donald Trump loses. more »»

Have a problem with city hall? Time to get involved

September 25, 2016 As it has become evident that many individuals in their local communities want to improve the areas in which they live and work but are unaware how to go about doing so properly. more »»

Trump tax plan little more than middle-class robbery

September 25, 2016 According to the independent Tax Foundation, Trump’s tax plan would give the top 1 percent an average cut of at least $122,400, while the middle class gets a break of less than $500. more »»

Could Britain become fourth amigo?

September 24, 2016 Britain’s vote to leave the European Union sparks speculation on where the United Kingdom might turn for new trading partners. more »»

More terror, more denials

September 23, 2016 In Florida Monday, following the bombings in New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump referred to the captured bombing suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, as an “evil thu. more »»

Trump newsroom conspiracies untrue

September 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — As the first presidential debate approaches, fists clench, jaws tighten and invectives giggle in anticipatio. more »»

Clinton staggering after self-administered wounds

September 21, 2016 WASHNGTON — There’s a certain irony in Hillary Clinton, well known for caution and secrecy, now finding herself on the defensive for an incautious smear of Donald Trump’s supporters and... more »»

Nation’s future up for debate

September 20, 2016 The presidential debates, especially this year’s first scheduled one — at New York’s Hofstra University on the night of Sept. 26 — are really a national job interview. more »»

Age a compelling issue for both Trump, Clinton

September 19, 2016 In March 2015, I wrote a column suggesting Hillary Clinton was too old to run for presiden. more »»

Trump’s telling tall tax tales

September 18, 2016 An old saying asserts that falsehoods come in three escalating levels: Lies, damn lies, and statistics. But now there’s an even higher category of lies: a Donald Trump speec. more »»

2016 will go into books as year of political re-enactors

September 18, 2016 The thought came to me as I watched the Cleveland police clear away protesters from the city’s Public Square. more »»

Make Apple pay up to Ireland

September 18, 2016 For years, Washington lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have attacked big corporations for avoiding taxes by parking their profits overseas. more »»

Group invites community to local ‘dark store’ visit

September 18, 2016 Michigan Tax Tribunal decisions since 2010 permit very large and very wealthy corporate retailers — Lowe’s, Target, Menard’s and Kohl’s among them — to have their stores valued as if they were empty... more »»

State government must approve comprehensive energy legislation

September 18, 2016 It’s no secret Michigan is at an energy crossroads. Coal plants continue to come offline, and over the next 15 years that alone will reduce the state's total electricity generation by 30 percent. more »»

Trump has alleged ‘Christian faith’

September 17, 2016 In recent presidential years, Catholics and white evangelical Christians joined in favoring the Republican candidate. A key reason was a shared opposition to abortion. more »»

Women in US need a break

September 16, 2016 Every woman in my family, from my great-grandmother to my mother, was fond of saying, “A man works from dawn till dusk, but a woman’s work is never done. more »»

Hillary’s basket case was deplorable

September 15, 2016 WASHINGTON — She didn’t want to say she was sick. Hillary Clinton, that is, who recently has suffered coughing fits followed Sunday by a near collapse during New York’s 9/11 memorial ceremony. more »»

Bill’s idea on CEOs makes sense

September 14, 2016 What can be done to deter pharmaceutical companies from jacking up the prices of critical drugs, prevent Wall Street banks from excessive gambling, and nudge CEOs into taking a longer-term view?... more »»

Tickets have ring of history

September 13, 2016 What comes to mind when you listen to the two last names of a presidential ticket spoken as one word? For example, I always thought the winning 1980/1984 combination of Republicans Ronald Reagan and... more »»

Blame voters, not the candidates

September 12, 2016 In a democracy, we generally get the leaders we deserve. So what does that say about this year’s election? Nothing good. more »»



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