Less pollution, better planet

To the Journal editor:

News of the E.P.A’s plans shows great promise for the future of renewable resources and the fight against climate change.

Although specific policies haven’t been made, the E.P.A’s direction points to a more renewable energy-dependent system that will decrease cars and power plants’ carbon emissions. A massive score in combatting climate change.

The one issue with this plan is the same issue for many others, which is it’s not working fast enough in the limited amount of time the Earth has left.

To stop the climate change villain, humanity needs reform in every aspect of life, including legislation. The Carbon Dividend Act centers around scientific logic and a net price on carbon — which will be redistributed to the people — and it has time on its side to predict reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent in 12 years.

Considering these benefits, representatives in Congress should consider supporting the legislation, including Michigan’s representative, Jack Bergman.

With legislation like this and continued efforts by industries, like the E.P.A, to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint on the world, a better future can be built for both us and future generations.


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