NMU announces graduates

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University announces its graduates.

The following students from this area satisfied their degree requirements in December 2020:


Chassell — Matthew Juntunen, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership

Escanaba — Kashmir LaMarch, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership

Gladstone — Logan Krizan, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech; Heather Lewis, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership

Hancock — Gage Hawthorne, CER-Heating/Air Cond/Refrigeration

Ishpeming — Thomas LaFave, CER-Automotive Maintenance; Connor Traver, CER-Welding

Marquette — Alex Oysti, CER-Welding; Shannon Wirtanen, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership; Graeme Zahn, CER-Welding

Negaunee — Aaron Henion, CER-Welding; Randy Tossava, CER-Welding

Associate Degree

Calumet — Levi Anttila, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with High Honor; Faith Schwandt, AAA-Art and Design

Carney — Sarah Jackson, AS-General Studies, with Honor

Champion — Ethan Ouellette, AB-General Business

Dollar Bay — Chelsea Williams, AAS-Surgical Technology

Escanaba — Hunter Bradford, AAS-Electrical Technology

Gladstone — Justin Van Drese, AAS-Law Enforcement

Gould City — Dalton Zdebski, AAS-Law Enforcement

Gwinn — Luke Aho, AS-General Studies; Zachary Carlson, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with High Honor; Savannah Dachs, AS-General Studies; Paige Locknane, AS-General Studies, with High Honor

Hancock — Shaina Wuori, AB-General Business

Ironwood — Kathleen Mieloszyk, AAS-Clinical Laboratory Technology, with High Honor

Ishpeming — Jacob Adriano, AB-General Business; Makayla Junak, AAS-Surgical Technology; Thomas LaFave, AAS-Building Technology; Mariel Morton, AAS-General University Studies; Elizabeth Nault, AS-General Studies; Derek Slone, AAS-Surgical Technology, with Honor

Marquette — Jessica Anderson, AS-General Studies; Auston Christunas, AS-General Studies; Michaline Dutkiewicz, AA-General Studies; Sheena Everson, AB-General Business; Matthew Goss, AAS-Building Technology; Miiya Hendrickson, AA-General Studies; Nathan King, AAS-Law Enforcement; Corey Leadman, AAS-Building Technology; Bailee Lyewski-Conger, AS-Criminal Justice, with Honor; Gwendolyn Mollica, AAS-General University Studies, with Honor; Hannah Randall, AAS-Surgical Technology; Tiffany Spangler, AAS-Clinical Laboratory Technology, with Honor; Kiah Staley, AAS-Surgical Technology; Jerad Tredeau, AB-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense

Negaunee — Traci Dietz, AAS-Paralegal, with Honor; Daniel Gooseberry, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Caitlyn Hendrickson, AB-General Business, with Honor; Aaron Henion, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Michael Vallin, AS-General Studies

Baccalaureate Degree

Baraga — Kerstyn Clisch, BS-Mathematics/Elementary Ed, Cum Laude

Bark River — Josie Bower, BS-Paralegal, Summa Cum Laude; Marcus Krachinski, BS-Finance & Risk Management, Cum Laude; Ezekiel Oswald, BS-Biology, Magna Cum Laude

Caspian — Haley Anderson, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude

Cedarville — Elissa Griffin, BS-Finance & Risk Management

Chassell — Matthew Juntunen, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Alexander LeMay, BS-Clinical Laboratory Science

Christmas — Kayleigh St Martin, BS-Accounting (4+1), Magna Cum Laude

Crystal Falls — Elizabeth Shamion, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Lauren Willman, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt

Curtis — Morgan Gelinas, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude

Dollar Bay — Chelsea Williams, BS-Clinical Health Science

Engadine — Bryanna Buss, BS-Clinical Health Science

Escanaba — Kelly Coyne, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Dylan Gauthier, BS-Marketing; Brandi Harris, BS-Mathematics/Elementary Ed, Cum Laude; Courtney Johnson, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Jeremy Kadish, BS-Management; Whitney Kuehl, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Kashmir LaMarch, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Tyler Skufca, BS-Accounting (4+1), Magna Cum Laude; Beth Spaulding, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude

Ewen — Landon Maki, BS-Elementary Education, Summa Cum Laude

Gladstone — Lilly Capodilupo, BA-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Hannah Flynn, BS-Public Relations, Cum Laude; Kelcey Geyer, BSN-Nursing; Sabrina Helwig-Hoffman, BS-Writing; Timothy Ketchum, BS-Economics; Heather Lewis, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Jennifer Norkooli-Starnes, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Jody Peters, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Kyle Pouliot, BS-Management

Gulliver — Alec Frenette, BS-Criminal Justice; Jake Smith, BS-Management

Gwinn — Patricia Ferraro, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Samuel Jantzen, BS-Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude; Amanda Mannisto, BS-Accounting; Michelle Misterly, BS-Clinical Laboratory Science; Kim Hardy Santiago, BS-Biology, Summa Cum Laude; Colten Stevens, BSW-Social Work; Anjelica Thorne, BSW-Social Work; Jonathan Waltz, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain, Cum Laude

Hancock — Abigail Peterson, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude

Iron Mountain — Sophia Berutti, BS-Biology; Ann Cevigney, BS-Marketing; Kyle Johnson, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed, Cum Laude; Ward Lindeman, BS-Political Science; Cody Moon, BS-Marketing

Iron River — Erin Angeli, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed, Magna Cum Laude; Victoria Harris-Hoogenboom, BS-English/Secondary Education; Rachel Malmquist, BSN-Nursing; Elizabeth Pellizzer, BSN-Nursing; Ally Polich, BS-Marketing; Jake Polich, BS-Construction Management

Ishpeming — Ashley Bertucci, BS-Accounting; Adam Cook, BS-Accounting (4+1), Magna Cum Laude; Lindsay Corkin, BS-English, Cum Laude; Sara Delongchamp, BS-Geomatics, Cum Laude; Olivia Derocha, BS-Political Science; Sinead Korvela, BS-Mathematics; Kassandra Kytola, BS-Emotional Impairment/Sec Ed, Cum Laude; Rachael Loman, BS-Sports Science, Cum Laude; Matthew Malone, BS-Sports Science, Summa Cum Laude; Eliza Manninen, BS-Accounting (4+1), Magna Cum Laude; Cydnee McIntyre, BS-Psychology, Cum Laude; Danielle Perreault, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Melissa Piscopo, BS-Mathematics; Jordan Rubick-Jessie, BS-Sociology; Patricia Smith, BS-Finance & Risk Management

Laurium — Timothy Porter, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed; Logan Storm, BS-Sports Science

Manistique — Machaela Hinkson, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Allie Nagy, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Laura Petree, BSN-Nursing; Rachel Smith, BS-Clinical Laboratory Science; Emily Weber, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed

Marquette — Aiyana Aldred, BFA-Art and Design; Beth Ansari, BS-Native American Studies, Cum Laude; Madeline Arquette, BFA-Art and Design, Cum Laude; Traci Belair, BSN-Nursing; Larry Burnette, BSN-Nursing; Timothy Byczek, BS-Biology; Alyssa Claycomb, BS-Marketing; Grant Daignault, BS-Public Relations; Noelle Del Preto, BS-Psychology; Cheylene Dollar, BS-Criminal Justice; Gianna Ferraro, BS-Communication Studies, Cum Laude; Mackenzie Fogo, BS-Accounting; Jacob Fooy, BS-Outdoor Rec Leadership/ Mgmt, Magna Cum Laude; Hillery Fraley, BSN-Nursing; Alec Fruin, BA-Marketing, Cum Laude; Kathryn Godfrey, BSN-Nursing; Joshua Gunville, BS-Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude; Megan Gustafson, BSN-Nursing; Jesse Hanford, BS-Criminal Justice; Gaelin Hirabayashi, BS-Sports Science, Cum Laude; Cameron Iverson, BS-Writing; Kristian Jackson, BS-Political Science; Marlana Klein, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed, Cum Laude; Noah Kupper, BA-French, Magna Cum Laude; Elizabeth Lektzian, BS-Biology;

Christopher McGeorge, BS-Biochemistry; Madison Mechling, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Samuel Miess, BS-Biology, Summa Cum Laude; Jacob Moore, BS-Accounting (4+1), Summa Cum Laude; Anna Morrison, BS-Music; Mariah Moton, BS-Criminal Justice; Adeline Niemi, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed; Olivia O’Connell, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed; Jacob Ogea, BS-Social Studies/Secondary Ed, Cum Laude; Angelica Ornelas, BS-Criminal Justice; Caden Paquette, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Giovanni Pedrotti, BS-Biology; Morgan Peterson, BS-Psychology/Behavior Analysis, Summa Cum Laude; Nicholas Plants, BS-Biology; Caden Reed, BS-Biology; Caleb Riedel, BS-Multimedia Production, Cum Laude; Dylan Robinia, BS-Accounting (4+1), Magna Cum Laude; Bethany Rudness, BS-Biology; Olivia Ruuska, BS-Marketing; Zachary Schneider, BFA-Art and Design, Cum Laude; Parker Smith, BS-Sports Science; Tayler Smith, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed; Samantha Spagnuolo, BS-Management; Mason Spear, BS-Psychology; Cora Stahl, BS-Biology, Cum Laude; Megan Stasevich, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Derek Tessier, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Kelsie Thomma, BS-Emotional Impairment/Sec Ed, Magna Cum Laude; Matthew Wheat, BS-Sports Science, Cum Laude; Jesse Wiederhold, BS-Writing; Shannon Wirtanen, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Alex Wyble, BS-Sports Science, Cum Laude; Jay Young, BS-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense

Munising — Karl Olson, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Jacob Winkler, BS-Sports Science

Negaunee — Jennie Carlson, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed, Cum Laude; Mallory Erva, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed, Cum Laude; Holly Glover, BS-Communication Studies, Cum Laude; Carley Leanes, BS-Applied Workplace Leadership; Travis Lindberg, BS-Information Systems; Ryan Tincknell, BS-Social Studies/Secondary Ed

Norway — Christopher Chellew, BS-Mathematics; Holli Lambert, BSW-Social Work; Sergio Lozoya, BS-Political Science; Barbara Slagle, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude

Ontonagon — Dylan Steiner, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Republic — Molly Gransinger, BS-Management of Health & Fitness

Master’s Degree

Crystal Falls — Joan Zyhowski, MAE-Educational Instruction

Eben Junction — Sally Osentoski, MPA-Public Administration

Gladstone — Anissa Johnson, MA-English

Gwinn — Lisa Brunk, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision

Hancock — Maria Schwaderer, MAE-Learning Disabilities

Little Lake — Jaime Vanenkevort, MAE-Reading Specialist (BR)

Marquette — Hayley Gilbertson, MS-Psychological Science; Nathan Morgan, MAE-Educational Instruction; Molly Smith, MAE-Reading Specialist (BR); Bradley Symons, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision; Jeffrey Wuorinen, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision

Negaunee — Stephanie LeClaire, MAE-Reading (BT)


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