Kiln transport creates delays

MARQUETTE — Drivers traveling between Escanaba and the Tilden Mine area beginning Monday can expect delays. Four large kiln components will be transported to the Tilden Mine, temporarily blocking traffic.

Under a permit from the Michigan Department of Transportation, contractors will move the oversize loads from Escanaba to the mine in Tilden Township.

The moves are planned for Monday night through Friday morning, Feb. 11-15, to minimize traffic impacts. The moves are planned to start at 10 p.m. and finish by 5 a.m.

The transports are weather dependent.

The loads will travel on U.S. 2 to M-35, then north on M-35 to M-553.

The route continues on Marquette County Road 480 and then back onto M-35 to the mine.

Traffic delays will occur as the haul rigs block lanes, traveling at top speeds of approximately 30 mph.

Michigan State Police will be escorting the oversize loads and assisting with traffic control during the operation.

Traffic will be stopped ahead of and behind each load. The rigs will be pulled over periodically so traffic can pass, as directed by law enforcement.

MDOT encourages motorists to avoid the area during the moves. If you are in the area, drive cautiously and heed all directions from law enforcement.