Wealth Strategy Group

MARQUETTE — Wealth Strategy Group is an independent financial advisory, wealth management and consulting firm in Marquette that was founded in 2009.

According to President, Rich Tegge, WSG is a team of professionals that offers individuals and businesses a range of personalized retirement planning, wealth management and investment strategies.

The company’s LinkedIn page states that “expertise and highly personalized level of service” allows them to help individuals, families, and business owners successfully pursue their specific financial goals.

Several specialty services the company provides are as follows:

-investment advisory

From left, Wealth Strategy Group’s licensed assistant Katy Vogler, President Rich Tegge and director of operations Jessica Anderegg are pictured in front of Lake Superior.

-retirement planning

-business succession strategies

-post-retirement income planning

-education planning

-insurance planning

-strategies for minimizing tax burdens

-estate planning

-charitable giving strategies

-coordinating with other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, to ensure that everyone is working toward common goals

During the initial engagement with clients, there’s a certain amount of discovery that has to take place, Tegge said.

“We have to take a look and see where our clients are at financially and what goals they want to achieve,” he said. “Whether it’s retirement, preparing for college or yearly vacations – we start with the current location and figure out what their destination is. Then together we build a road map to reach their goals.”

WSG uses a unique online software called WSG360 which allows clients to see their net-worth by tracking their complete financial situation.

“It’s their own individual webpage that tracks their financial picture — we can set their goals, track how they’re progressing and view all accounts — bank accounts, car loan, mortgage, anything. All of these things feed in so clients are able to see their true net-worth at any point in time,” Tegge said.

Another important thing to note, Tegge said, is that WSG engages clients on a fee basis and doesn’t charge commissions or transaction fees.

“It’s a very personal thing when you’re dealing with somebody’s money. They need to be comfortable and they need to trust. We work together in confidence and do what we need to do on our side to provide good comfortable communication,” he said.

WSG’s main focus is to keep clients engaged and motivated about reaching their goals. However, it’s up to the client how often they want to review their portfolios.

“We’ve developed a strong team here and we’re passionate about what we do,” Tegge said. It’s not really about investing, it’s about the client and how we can help them meet their goals.”

WSG is located at 300 S. Front St. Suite C in Marquette. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached at 906-228-3696.

For more information visit, https://wsginvest.com or their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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