Dear Annie: Can’t eat just one

Annie Lane

Dear Annie: I love chocolates, especially when they are in a box from a candy store or pharmacy. The problem is that once I start eating them, I can’t stop!

Most people seem to be able to eat one or two and then stop. Very often, if a box of chocolates is brought out in the coffee room where I work, I have to walk right past them because I know that if I start, I’ll eat the whole box.

I like caramels, ones with marshmallow inside, soft creams and ones with toffee and nuts. In fact, I like all of them and haven’t figured out how to take one or two and then back off.

Do you have any suggestions to help me with this? I doubt that I am the only person with this problem. — Afraid to Start

Dear Afraid to Start: Too much of one good thing can lead to a slew of bad things — in this case, bellyaches, cavities and extra pounds.

When you’re full, it’s easier to pass up junk food. So try to fill up on healthful snacks throughout the day — such as celery, cucumbers, carrots and apple slices — and drink lots of water. When you do decide to indulge in chocolates, challenge yourself. Take two pieces out of the box. Put the box away. Savor each bite of your two pieces. And then… brush your teeth! Your dentist will appreciate it, and the clean, minty taste in your mouth will make it easier to stop. Remind yourself that you will feel better the next day, and then look forward to having another two pieces tomorrow guilt-free.

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