Superiorland voices

VERONICA PETERSON Marquette, MI "Cotton. It's soft, it's light, it's good in the summer and the winter. It washes well and it's natural."
NOLAN ZHANG Marquette, MI "Silk. It's very soft and luxurious. I wish I had a pair of boxers made out of silk."
RYAN HOULE Marquette, MI "I'd say cotton because it shrinks when you wash it, so it makes my arms look bigger."
DREW THOMAS Marquette, MI "Polyester. My jacket is made out of polyester, it's durable and waterproof."
BAILEY LUNDHOLM Marquette, MI "I like Cotton and Steel as a fabric brand, and essex linen as a type. I just like how it actually looks like real denim, but it doesn't feel like it at all; it's very soft."
TROY KOEPP Marquette, MI "I have to say cotton. It's universal and can be used in a lot of different types of clothing."

What fabric do you most enjoy wearing, and why?