Splits, spares and strikes

Bisel gets center’s only 300, 800

With one shot — his final of the evening — Greg Bisel of Marquette established two firsts at Superior Lanes of Marquette on April 4.

His strike on the final ball in the Wednesday Industrial League not only gave him the center’s first sanctioned 300 game this season, but also its first U.S. Bowling Congress honor series of 800 — in this case, exactly 800 — for the 2017-18 campaign.

“I had an idea about that after I saw I had exactly 500 my first two games,” said the 35-year-old who now has five 300s and two 800s in his lanes career.

And he had to know 300 was at least in the cards the final game, considering he threw the first 10 strikes the previous game before a wobbly 2-pin stopped that bid for perfection and gave him a 289.

“I made a ball change on the last shot my first game,” he said about a 211 game that looks downright anemic considering how he bowled after that.

He made the move from his 15-pound Motiv Trident reactive resin ball to a 15-pound AMF Nighthawk resin based on the reaction of the first ball on the lanes in Game 1.

“The Trident was just not sharp enough on the back end to carry (strikes),” he said about a ball that didn’t “snap” on the lane just before hitting the pins.

With the final of the opener being a strike, he finished the night with 23 of his last 24 shots being strikes.

“The last shot (in the 300), I just had my hand on my heart, hoping it would carry,” Bisel said. “Anytime I walk in this house, I expect to have a chance at a pretty good score.”

He added that he never had to make a move all night with his targeting using his hard-throwing, high-revving style.

“I might’ve pulled a couple balls a little left in the 300, but they held pretty well,” he said alluding to a couple shots getting just a bit toward the center of the lanes that staying away from a high hit on the strike pocket.

Bisel, who was only bowling for the fourth time at Superior this season, is a regular in the Tuesday Major League at River Rock Lanes that produces plenty of big scores.

He previously had a 300 game in 2012 at the Mineshaft in Houghton, with the balance of his award scores coming in several houses where he grew up in Bay City.