Sapphire posts 2 U12 girls wins during week

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Ella Marie Henning, Seere Helms-Gleason, Ellie Duke, Sophia Henning and Giana Rowe scored for Sapphire in its 8-1 victory over Navy in an Under-12 girls game of the Superiorland Soccer Association on Monday.

In Red’s 3-2 win over the Gold Goal Diggers, Marijah Willis and Raquel Orahanen scored for Red while Maia Hemmila got goals for Gold.

Sapphire won 5-1 Thursday over Green Lucky Charms. Seere Helms-Gleason and Giana Rowe scored for Sapphire while Jaylee Dellies knocked the ball in for Green.

During the week of May 29, Maia Hemmila, Delanee Lenten, Ida Larsen and Macyn Deangelo scored for the Gold Goal Diggers in its 6-3 win over Sapphire, which got goals from Seere Helm-Gleason and Sophia Henning.

Green Lucky Charms posted a 5-0 win over Navy with goals by Jaylee Dellies, Joslyn Leuzzo and Elaine Reynolds.

Red posted an 8-0 win over Navy with scorers Mariah Willis and Raquel Orahanen.

U19 Coed

Last week, Green Machine beat Team Orange 6-3 with scorers Jaden Lassard, Riley Lindberg, Hannah Blemberg, and Karsten Kamps.

Tropic Blue beat the Cardinals 9-2 as Blue got goals by Colin Bjorne, Des Dernandes, Chad Pohlman, Nathan Ostlund and Colin Bjorne.

U14 Coed

In game of June 7, these were reported scorers:

Team 3 — Max Holdwick

Golden Gummy Bears — Max Comrie

Team 7 — Eliot Mason and Ayden Beaudry

Here are June 4 scorers:

Team 3 — Maxwell Holdwick

Team 5 — Pete Closner, Kaylen Wallner and Max Comrie

Team 6 — Torry Cookman and Alex Schlemm

Team 7 — Eliot Mason, Lloyd O’Connor, Madison Parsley and Lily Wilkinson

Team 8 — Phillip Nelson and Landon Nordberg

In the season openers on May 31, there are scorers:

Team 1 — Rylan Ragusett, Ethan Sandstrom, Dustin Lohfink and Alexis Adams

Team 2 — Gideon Bell, Jack Rule, Wyatt Kuhlman, Meghan Macphee, Anthony Petrocik, Hunter Symbol and Brennen Schwemin

Red — Quinn Kerekes

Golden Gummy Bears — Kainoa Lacar

Team 6 — Jacob Schlemm, Alexander Schlemm, Torrey Cookman, Tyler Sicotte, Leah Gobert and Emily Fraley

Team 7 — Lloyd O’Connor

Grey — Wyatt Lakenen, Zachary Sigal, Phillip Nelson and Isaac Johnson

U12 Coed

Last week, the Spitfires notched a 2-0 win over Team 1 with scorers Mathew Brady and Morgan Amann.

Orange doubled up Thunder 8-4 with reported scorers Kyler Sager, Lucas Belkowski, Landon Carpenter, Jan van den Ende, Mason Aldrich and Peter Argeropoulos.

Scoring for Team 7 was David Juchemich.

Team 6 held on for a 4-1 win over Team 8 with scorers Aiden Andrews, Sawyer Johnson and Boden Moore and lauded for their play Peyton Zivnoska and Seamus Waite.

For the week of May 29, the Cobalt defeated Navy 5-2. Scorers included Harrison Jilbert, Cristian Jilbert-Linna, Jan van den Ende, Pavel McCutcheon, Ben Faber, Eli Havel and Mathew Brady.

In Orange’s 8-2 win over Grey, Mason Bocklund, Aiden Andrews, Tony DeMattia, Sawyer Johnson and Seamus Waite scored.

From May 21 an additional scorer, Niko Heinzel, should be included for Irish Green.

U10 Girls

Last week, Orange Fire defeated Costa Rica and Mean Greens took out Flaming Foxes in a pair of close games.

Scorers included Eva Dosh, Anna Bernard, Lydia Gorsalitz, Claire Parent, Ava Prohel, Keira Heino, Lila Eagle, Anna Tuccini and Elle DeBolt.

During the week of May 21, the Mean Greens defeated the Orange Fire and Costa Rica doused the Flaming Foxes.

These are the goal scorers — Keira Heino, Anna Tuccini, Emily Janowski, Wiley Steeland, Alina Nelson, Claire Parent, Tessa Hubbard, Anna Bernard, Lydia Gorsalitz and Grace Matt.

U10 Coed

During the week of May 21, Team 1 defeated the Teal Flames 8-1. Scorers included Brody Sheldon and James Herrington for Team 1 and Henrik Larsen for the Flames.

The Golden Knights downed the Purple Grape Galaxy 7-2. Scorers included the Knights’ Easton Dellies, Ehan Uimari, Will Bradley and Evan Dellies, and the Galaxy’s Grant Columb and Chandler Rochefort.

Green Thunder won a 3-1 defensive battle over Team 5. Scorers included the Thunder’s Colin Murray, Maris Kilbieda and Brody Clements.

The Orange Dragons recorded a 7-1 win over Team 4. Scorers included the Dragons’ Ryan Burbey, McCarty McKie, Michael Warlick, Keelean Reilly and Gage Dahlstrom, along with Team 4’s Josh DuBord.

During the week of May 29, Team 1 took a 7-3 win over Team 9, Teams 2 and 3 tied 3-3, Team 5 scored a 14-0 victory over Team 4, Team 6 won 9-3 over Team 7 and Teams 8 and 10 played to a 4-4 tie. No goal scores were available.

During the week of June 4, Team 1 took a 7-6 win over Team 6, Team 10 got a 2-0 shutout over Team 2, Team 3 got a 3-2 win over Team 9 and Team 7 got a 4-2 win over Team 5. Goal scorers were not available.

U8 Coed

In games played on June 6, these were reported goal scorers:

Team 1 — Lilly Chevalier, Sophie Coxon and Avery Osborne

Team 2 — Evan Mattila

Team 3 — Jace Ogea

Team 4 — Liam Carpenter, Jack Snow, Elijah Manning, Eliot Borione and Asher Sandstron

Team 5 — Michael Vergridge, Mitchell Lasich and Brock Bolf

Team 6 — Tanner Leach, Eli Gustafson and Drake Canull

Team 7 — Jordan Erva and Wyatt Arbelius

Team 8 — Ethan Grover, Jude Kyllonen, Calvin Carlson and Stephan Langsford

Team 10 — Henry Blaksmith and Luke Bressette

In games played the week of May 30, these were scorers:

Team 1 — Avery Osborne

Team 2 — Easton Bal, Evan Mattila, Maddox Menhennick, Andy Berglund, Teddy Duke and Claire Cass

Team 3 — Nolen Bishop and Logan Boanni

Team 4 — Eliott Borione, Asher Sandstrom, Lake Skytta, Jack Snow and Jackson Feltner

Team 5 — Anthony Thill

Team 6 — Drake Canull and Tate Kruhak

Team 7 — Jordan Erva

Team 8 — Calvin Carlson

Team 9 — Anthony McKinney, Brett Sorensen and Ella Jacobson

Team 10 — Hunter Quayle, Luke Bressette, Henry Blaksmith, Will Lindsay and Riley Nygard

Team 12 — Dylan Ballard and Sammy Uchytil

In early season action there were scorers:

Team 1 — Avery Osborne

Team 3 — Logan Bonanni, Jace Ogea and Nolan Bishop

Team 4 — Jackson Feltner, Emmett Hutter, Elijah Manning, Asher Sandstrom and Jack Snow

Team 5 — Mitchell Lasich

Team 6 — Eli Gustafson and Tate Kruhak

Team 7 — Jordan Erva

Team 9 — Anthony McKinney, Marlowe Murray and Brett Sorensen

Team 10 — Luke Bressette, Henry Blaksmith and Sawyer Dietsch

U6 Coed

On May 17, this division opened its season with these scorers:

Team 1 — Oliver Bray

Red Hots — Drew Leahy, Johan Ervick and Brady Osborne

Purple Cheetahs — Will Gordon, Isabelle Henry and Cal O’Brien

Team 7 — Evan Cardinal

Eagles — Finn Bennett, Mason Mileski, Madelyn Miller, Alvin Monty and Caleb Schwiderson

Team 15 — Liza Lindsay, Jagger Galloway, David Dickinson, Greyson Lentz and Eli Winslow

Orange Tigers — Quinn Hosey and Shaylyn Claffey

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