Munising girls hand BR-H its first loss

HARRIS – The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

The Bark River-Harris girls got out to a 16-0 start this season but if there one date they circled on the calendar it was the Munising game. The Mustangs over the past several years have been a thorn in the Broncos side, and a potential roadblock for them reaching their goals this season. It was no secret how much the Broncos wanted a chance at redemption.

There can only be disappointment then after Munising delivered a defensive performance that would squash any well-made plans, in a 43-31 Skyline Central Conference victory, Monday night.

“Munising outperformed us, congratulations to them,” said Broncos head coach Paul Anderson.

“They came out on the road in a hostile environment and they were definitely prepared. It appears after this win, they’re heading in the right direction for March.”

Everything that could go wrong for the top-ranked Broncos did. There were missed layups, a lot of them. There were turnovers, a lot of them, both forced and unforced.

There were moving violations. Almost all of the miscues were facilitated by the No. 5-ranked Mustangs (14-3, 8-1 SCC) who simply outworked Bark River-Harris (16-1, 9-1 SCC) from start to finish.

In a first half devoid of offense, the Mustangs still made the most of their possessions.

They hoarded offensive rebounds and got off multiple shots. Most didn’t hit the mark, but the ones that did certainly counted.

Munising seemingly did the impossible, holding the Broncos offense to only five points in the first half.

They limited BR-H to one shot per possession, and often times, that shot was an ill-advised three point attempt that the Mustangs quickly corralled and sent back the other way. The only field goal for the Broncos’ first half came in the first minute of the game.