Harry runs table during Marquette Men’s action

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE — Rick Harry of Dry Dock III had a table run during play on Sept. 28 in the Marquette Men’s Pool League.

Third Base Bar II beat Dry Dock II 11-4, Pat’s II beat Dry Dock III 10-5, Pat’s I felled Dry Dock I 9-7 and Breakers got by Wooden Nickel 8-7.

Negaunee Men’s

On Oct. 4, Wayne Deshambo had a break and run.

Pasquali’s II felled Pasquali’s IV 19-5, Eagles I felled Cascade II 15-9, Pasquali’s I outsmarted Smarties 15-9, Cascade I flew past Eagles II 15-9 and Pasquali’s III nipped Iron Spur 13-11.

Ishpeming Men’s

Tony Norem of Jack’s 2 had a break and run for the second consecutive week on Sept. 20.

Bob Corradini of Wonder Bar and Bob Prisk of Tilden Club each had 8-ball breaks that night, while on opening night Sept. 13, in addition to Norem, John Jonas of Jack’s 2 had a break and run.

On Sept. 27, Ron “Tuner” Johnson of Jack’s 3 had an 8-ball break, while on Oct. 4, Don Anderson of Wayside had a break and run.

On Sept. 13, Jack’s 3 beat Rumorz 19-5, Jack’s 2 felled Wayside 17-7 and Paradise edged Tilden Club 13-11.

Two matches ended in 12-12 ties — Riverside vs. Venice and Wonder Bar vs. Rainbow.

On Sept. 20, Jack’s 1 scored a 16-8 win over Jack’s 2, Rumorz dropped Venice 16-4, Wonder Bar got a 15-9 win over Jack’s 3, Tilden Club diverted Riverside 14-10 and Wayside waylayed Paradise 13-11.

On Sept. 27, Jack’s 3 blitzed Venice 22-2, Jack’s 2 upended Paradise 20-4, Jack’s 1 dropped Rainbow 19-5, Riverside slid by Rumorz 15-9 and Tilden Club pulled past Wayside 14-10.

On Oct. 4, Jack’s 2 tripled up Venice 18-6, Jack’s 1 sidled past Wayside 17-7, Wonder Bar bumped Riverside 17-7, Tilden Club eased around Rumorz 14-10 and Paradise found its happy place vs. Rainbow 14-10.

Gwinn Women

In Week 1, Cascade upended Up North Lodge 12-3, Club Too felled Legion Ladies 11-4, VFW dropped Sturgis 9-6, American Girls slid past Happy Hour 9-6 and Jokers nipped Throttle 8-7.

In Week 2, Throttle handled Hideaway 13-2, VFW dropped The Club Too 11-4, Jokers doubled up Happy Hour 10-5, Gwinn Inn felled Up North Lodge 9-6, American Girls ran past Richmond Township 9-6 and Cascade edged Sturgis 8-7.

In Week 3, Hideaway dropped Happy Hour 12-3, VFW slid by Legion Ladies 12-3, Richmond Township sang a song on Jokers 11-4, Cascade sizzled by The Club Too 10-5, Gwinn Inn slid past Sturgis 9-6 and Throttle edged Up North 8-7.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.