Got It Pegged posts impressive win

By Journal Sports Staff

GWINN — Got It Pegged pulled off the most impresive victory on June 8 in the Gwinn Mixed Doubles Horseshoe League, defeating Night Hawk 13-5.

In other matches, HOLD 6 beat Hideaway 11-7 while B-Ring It On knocked off the Challengers 10-8.

On June 1, Night Hawk drilled Hideaway 13-5, HOLD 6 edged Got It Pegged 10-8 and Double Ringers nipped B-Ring It On 10-8.

Ishpeming Men’s


For the week of June 12, Stonehouse defeated Pine Grove Bar 13-5 while Riverside defated Maki’s Mini-Mart 10-8 in the Major Division.

In the Classic Division, Household Appliance zapped Negaunee VFW 10-8, Paradise Bar doubled up American Legion 12-6 and Willey’s Tire Shop and Cascade Inn tied 9-9.

For the week of June 5, Stonehouse doubled up Maki’s 12-6 and Riverside bested Pine Grove 10-8 in the Major matchups.

In the Classic League, Cascade dropped Household 14-4, Paradise nipped VFW 10-8 and Willey’s zipped past Legion 13-5.

During the week of May 29, Stonehouse took out Pine Grove 14-4 while Maki’s and Riverside tied 9-9 in the Major Division.

In Classic matches, Cascade dropped VFW 13-5, Willey’s doubled up Paradise 12-6 and Household edged Legion 10-8.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is