6 youngsters get first BMX wins to start season

MARQUETTE — Three youngsters picked up their first wins on each of the first two night of racing at the Marquette BMX track on June 1 and last Tuesday.

On June 1, Peyton Mayer, age 3, won the Balance Bike class, while Mason Mills, 5, took the 6 Novice class and Caleb Morgan, 8, won the 8 Novice class.

On Tuesday, the youngest first-time winner was Kruz Saile, 2, of Marquette in the Balance Bike Class. They also included Evelyn Cook, 5, of Marquette in the 5-and-under Novice class and Hudson Ebel, 9, of Marquette in the 10 Novice class.

Racing is held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and riders and their families are invited to join at any time during the summer.

Here are results:


4 Balance Bike — Peyton Mayer, Nila Fogaroli

31-35 Cruiser — Doug Pennala, Lindsey Dehlin, Robert Taylor

6 Novice — Mason Mills, Chase Dehlin, Ethan Dehlin

8 Novice — Caleb Morgan, Cameron Mileski, Jackson Rasmussen

10 Novice — Connor Phillips, Brody Lemire, Parker Pennala

13 Novice — Aidan Morgan, Ben Stern, Maxwell Zinski

41-45 Novice — Jake Gervais, Jason Morgan, David Niemi

7 Intermediate — Cole Goedert, Gavin Bonanni, Ty Sadler

9 Intermediate — Mason Mottonen, Mason Lautenschlager, Elijah Hedrick

12 Expert — Chase Waters, Lucas Basal, Luc Gervais

17-18 Expert — Michael Noble, Alex Niemi, Andrew Niemi


Balance Bike — Kruz Saile, Sky Saile, Nila Fogaroli

31-35 Women Cruiser — Lindsey Dehlin, Linsday Bean, Michele Basal

5-under Novice — Evelyn Cook, Kaylin Link, Mason Mileski

6 Novice — Gavin Mottonen, Chase Dehlin, Ethan Dehlin

8 Novice — Cameron Mileski, Jackson Rasmussen, Lilliana Fogaroli

10 Novice — Hudson Ebel, Riley Hoban, Ella Clement

8 Intermediate — Cole Goedert, Mason Mottonen, Travis Link

46-over Intermediate — Michael Noble, Doug Pennala, David Niemi

12 Expert — Chase Waters, Lucas Basal, Luc Gervais

17-18 Expert — Alex Niemi, Andrew Niemi, Amiya Trombley

Pit Bike — Lucas Basal, Luc Gervais, Gavin Bonanni

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee@miningjournal.net.