Kingsford Flivvers hockey team comes back to beat Marquette Redmen, 3-2

Marquette’s Joe Phillips, left, scores against Kingsford goaltender Trevor Anderson on Thursday in Iron Mountain. (Iron Mountain Daily News photo by Adam Niemi)

IRON MOUNTAIN — Kingsford rallied with two quick goals to grab momentum and beat Marquette 3-2 in a high school hockey game played in Iron Mountain on Thursday night.

The Flivvers (6-1) fell into a 2-0 deficit after the Redmen (4-4) scored in the final seconds of the first period and about three minutes into the second period. Kingsford answered with a goal five minutes later, then followed with another goal 33 seconds later.

“It’s a good win for us. That’s a top-10 team in the state,” Kingsford head coach Dennis Murvich said. “That’s a team we’re going to see a couple more times this year and it’s our draw in the regionals, so that’s a great win for us.”

Colin Watkins scored the winning goal for Kingsford with two minutes left in the second.

Marquette head coach Doug Garrow said his team has lacked willpower so far this season, which culminated with the second-period collapse.

“Our compete level went way down after we got a 2-0 lead,” he said. “I told those guys between the second and third I wasn’t happy with their effort in the second period.

“Overall I think we’re cheating the game of hockey. I say that in the sense that we’re not doing what it takes to win a hockey game. We’re showing up at times and think it’s just going to come easy.

“That’s just not the way it is. I don’t care who you’re playing. The other kids on the other team get dressed and put their equipment on just like we do and want to win just as badly as we do.

“Usually it comes down to a game of will, not skill, and I thought Kingsford out-willed us tonight.”

The Redmen surrendered two power-play goals. Garrow said the Redmen’s penalty kill performance about summarized his team’s night.

“Our penalty kill just goes to show you we’re not sacrificing — we’re not doing what it takes to win a hockey game,” he said. “Penalty kill is all about sacrifice and it’s all about hard work and we just don’t have it. Right now we don’t have it.

“I’ll tell you the way it is. These guys have to realize if they want to be a good hockey team it takes more than just showing up at practice and going through the motions.

“That’s what we’ve been doing and I’ll take the blame for that. It’s my responsibility to get them ready and they’ll be ready from now on, because to me it’s not acceptable.

“If these guys don’t want to do that then I’ll find 20 guys that will.”

Marquette took the lead with 3.5 seconds remaining in the opening period when Sean O’Connor scored on a shot assisted by Joe Phillips and Hunter Doucette.

“I wanted to get in a game where we grinded it out below the goal line and I thought we were doing that well early,” Garrow said. “We got pucks deep and got that established, but I thought we got away from that in the second period.

Joe Phillips scored three minutes into the second period to make it 2-0.

Marquette made a third-period push as Kingsford took two penalties in the last five minutes nursing its one-goal lead.

Marquette tried to bring pressure but the Kingsford defense held steady.

Kingsford goaltender Trevor Anderson made 26 saves, while Redmen netminder Dylan Sibilsky had 23 stops.