Football field’s artificial turf an option for future Marquette Senior High School boys soccer games

MARQUETTE — Thursday night’s varsity boys soccer game was a first for the Marquette Senior HIgh School boys soccer team as it welcomed Kingsford to William R. Hart Stadium for a unique setting under the lights on the football field’s artificial turf, which was installed in 2016.

The game was played at the football field instead of the Redmen’s regular home on the natural grass field at Kaufman Sports Complex so it could coordinate with MSHS homecoming festivities this week.

Athletic Director Alex Tiseo said the timing was just right and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Year to year, we’ll look to do similar events and I certainly want to make this experience special for everybody,” he said. “This was great timing-wise, where it was not only Homecoming but we were able to hold Parents Night and Senior Night as well.

“It was a beautiful night with a lot of excitement and a great crowd.”

The Redettes girls team played a number of games on the artificial turf in the spring, something helpful for them when the natural grass may not be ready with a late snow melt.

Tiseo added that he wouldn’t rule out more boys soccer games in the fall on the turf, but wasn’t positive on a full-time move from Kaufman.

“It’s definitely something that’s available,” he said. “It’s also something that’s got to work out for what the team wants to do tactically.

“It is a narrower soccer field for a team that likes to have things spread out wide.

“Playing the game on turf versus grass are two very different games, but we are here to provide this type of experience and have it be positive for everybody, and if that’s something they want to pursue, then we would do it.”

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