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Leadership lacking

October 13, 2013
Larry Baur, Munising , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I feel strongly enough about what I have to say that I'm going to.

Since the founding of this nation, and the ratification of the Constitution, which at the time was hugely controversial, there have been significant differences in perspective on the direction this country should take and the particular policies which should be pursued.

A serious read of early American history shows that the survival of this democratic experiment was often in serious jeopardy and yet, save for the early 1860s when this country was almost torn apart it has always worked. A way has always been found in spite of differences, real and often quite significant ones.

Doing just that, even in this present political environment, is the task we the people have entrusted to our elected political leaders.

The ones we presently have are showing themselves to be, to put it diplomatically, unequal to the task. No matter their office, their political stripe, their vote on any particular matter, each and every one is culpable in the present failure to do what they've been entrusted to do in spite of differences in perspective on the direction this country should take and the particular policies which should be pursued, make this country work.

If I had my wish, they would all be dismissed immediately as I would be, if I were employed by some company, and was an abject failure in doing that for which I was employed. Though there is a process by which this can be done... recall, impeachment... it is cumbersome and time consuming, and would further detract from what most needs to be done at the present time. So, for the time being, we are stuck with these "public servants."

But I do think it behooves us all to consider, does anyone who currently holds elective office in the federal government, should they be eligible for re-election, when that time comes, merit such re-election?

I am of the opinion, no. All of them, no matter their office, no matter their political stripe, no matter their vote on any particular issue are culpable. They have trampled the trust we the people have placed in them.

This nation, we the people, are better and deserve better, than those we have currently elected to office.



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