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Hoping for change

November 11, 2012
William Maki, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Now that the election is over, let's see if things will change. Much more jobs for more people, a better life than the past four years. That what we have heard for almost a year.

Look at the past bit of history will show that not everyone will be employed. All will not have new homes or enough to eat. Wars will most likely start somewhere. But the big difference is so many more people on this earth. People are kept alive longer by medical means.

New knees, hearts, livers and the list goes on. Only trouble is, the real truth is one cannot live forever. And how about the Hurricane Sandy disaster? What a lesson there. No power means no heat, lights and many other things.

Plus to have to rebuild again. No one president or world leader can solve this problem. To be honest, I think it may get worse before it gets better.

Most don't like to hear that. Just sit and think a while. More people, more resources needed. Can these resources last forever? Not really. And we are slowly killing our planet Earth with pollution of air, water, etc.

Just give humanity more time and if things don't change, then keep watch and see if we survive in the year ahead. Being in the military, I saw films of the nuclear explosions. If at anytime some fool uses a nuclear device and that starts an exchange of these weapons then don't worry too much about anything.

There will be total destruction and beyond that radiation will finish the job. The earth will be no more. It came close in 1962 with the Cuban Crisis and its dangerous now. So my conclusion: a hectic life, I think not. My hope continues to be the promise of Jesus Christ, to be with him and God in the place beyond here.

There it will be a place of peace, joy and happiness in the presence of the Lord.



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