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Now what?

November 10, 2012
Jim Wheeler, Gwinn , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Nov. 8, two days after the end of America (as Americans knew it)! Nov. 6, 2012, to steal a quote from another Democrat: "A date which will live in infamy." (Dec. 7, 1941) If you don't know it, and sadly, probably many of you do not, please look it up.

This date, sadly has become our Pearl Harbor and oddly enough it has become only two days since that black day and gasoline has already gone up .05 cents/day.

That's 10 cents already in two days. Be careful. Or else the 49 percent that still work for a living will not be able to afford the price of said gas in order for you to get your entitlements, (which is a) fancy word for hand-outs, on the dole, gimmies, etc., then what? You tell me. You voted the "pretender-in chief" in for a second term.

One more little thing. I realize that there are many who really do need aid, and this letter was not intended for you. The rest, you know who you are.

May God bless America. We really need it now.



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