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Obama wins re-election but will anything change?

November 7, 2012
The Mining Journal

The voters have spoken. Campaign 2012 is in the books. And now, Barack Obama, assisted by Joe Biden, must find ways to govern, going forward.

And that's not going to be easy, with the Republican Party maintaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Democratic Party maintaining control of the U.S. Senate.

First, though, a word about the campaign itself.

Many of us in the news business said following the 2008 campaign that it just couldn't get any worse. Well, we were wrong, very very wrong

The nastiness that this election cycle brought out in people was, in our view, unprecedented.

There was a time - and not that long ago - that the lion's share of political bile flowed in the national and state campaigns.

Most local candidates and their supporters typically focused on the issues, roads, taxes and the such.

That's not the case anymore. Now, local candidates routinely savage each other and anyone who doesn't agree with them. The Internet provides a cheap, easy way to say and do basically anything you want.

Television advertisements have become the theater of the ugly absurd. No lie is too big, no lie is too small. Anyone who depends on TV election ads to learn anything about issues or candidates is in very big trouble.

And, of course, voters are caught in this crossfire.

The nation continues to face big problems at home and overseas. The recession, although officially over, continues to drag on the economy. Terror remains a threat.

Obama won a second term. We offer our congratulations and look forward to better political times.

We just don't see when those better political times will get here.



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